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Amesbury MA Weddings – Makeup by Nancy and her favorite things Part 1

Amesbury MA Weddings – Makeup by Nancy and her favorite things Part 1

This past winter, Amesbury MA Wedding Photographer Alison Ebacher of Ebacher Photographer approached me about a blog idea and I was so on board!

When booking your wedding vendors, it’s always nice to know a little bit about them before you meet. Especially your day of wedding beauty team who will be with you in the same room for the whole day before you get into your wedding gown!

So this is the 1st installment of Nancy’s favorite things!


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Let’s start at the top, MAKEUP!

I don’t know any makeup artist that doesn’t LOVE makeup.

Now I was a pretty good kid growing up, sorta. I was a bit of a challenge but one thing for sure was that what rules my parents had we followed. But you know rules, well most of them are meant to be broken, like…. “you are not allowed to wear makeup.”

So I was the kid who would leave the house with no makeup on, go to school and as soon as I got to school I would either go to my locker or to the girls locker room, pull the eye liner I had in my pocket and start putting this super awesome light purple eye liner on.

It was by Lancome and was one of there liquid eye liners. The shade I wore was something like “Electric Blue/Violet” or something and was so awesome and very 80’s and that was the trend when I was in grade school. I was the 80’s!

Well things just kinda started falling into place a little more in the 90’s and I went totally serious about my career in makeup artistry in the early 2000’s when I sought out more intense diversified training at David Nicholas International Makeup Training School.

That my friends is the story of the start of the Makeup by Nancy career!


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