Amesbury Makeup Artist – LipSense Night at Hair Company K – Monday 9-25

Amesbury Makeup Artist – LipSense Night at Hair Company K – Monday 9-2

As today is my birthday I’m posting a blog about a fun week I have planned! Starting off with tomorrow!

But 1st…. Happy Birthday to me! 🙂 I’m so thankful to be here to celebrate another year of life, another year of doing what I love and spending time living it up with all my friends and family! Amesbury-makeup-artist-lipsense-senegence.001

A few weeks ago had the pleasure of doing a young ladies makeup for her engagement shoot. Turns out her mother owns the salon up the street from my studio. It was such a wonderful time and we got to talking, She wanted to have some kind of event at her place so I turned around and pointed to a small display I had and mentioned that I recently started doing Senegence/LipSense products!

So tomorrow night, I’m going to showing off LipSense at Hair Company K in Amesbury MA


I’ll demonstrate how this lipstick WON’T Kiss Off on anything, and especially on the person you love!


WONT Kiss off on your babies!


Most certainly WONT KISS OFF on your dog!


Your wine, water, milk and other drink glass’s will be spare of lipstick stains!



We sure hope to have a great turnout!

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! Looking forward to seeing everyone!


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