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Amesbury Wedding – Makeup by Nancy and her favorite things Part 6

Amesbury Wedding – Makeup by Nancy and her favorite things Part 6.

This past winter, Amesbury Weddings Photographer Alison Ebacher of Ebacher Photographer approached me an Amesbury wedding makeup artist about a blog idea and I was so on board!

When booking your wedding vendors, it’s always nice to know a little bit about them before you meet. Especially your day of wedding beauty team who will be with you in the same room for the whole day before you get into your wedding gown!

So now I give to you the 6th installment of Nancy’s favorite things!


I absolutely LOVE Music!

Sometimes my husband will get in my car after I’ve been in it and will turn on the engine and….


Oops I guess I left to music on loud, sorry hunny 🙁 I didn’t mean to do that to you!

My brother used to give me a hard time when we were little because I made a song out of every thing. But, thankfully I outgrew that.

My iPod that’s in the photo above currently houses every CD I ever owned along with some new downloads. So like my good friend Beth from Fetching Events says “it’s like a musical roulette in the car with you, it’s kinda cool.” Yeah really cool if you don’t mind going from Def Leppard to Michael Buble to Fleetwood Mac to Adele to Kool & the Gang to Pitbull to Alicia Keyes to Bette Midler and so on….

I love to listen to music, and I love it loud!

But ladies, when I’m working and doing wedding makeup, I don’t like it loud and blasting right beside my head. I need to focus on what I’m doing. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

With love, Nancy


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