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Beauty Workshops by Makeup by Nancy

Beauty Workshops by Makeup by Nancy


Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy is announcing her series of Beauty Workshops at her downtown Amesbury studio that she shares with two other spectacular wedding vendors! Alison Ebacher of Ebacher Photography and Melissa Keys of Free Range Floral.


Photography by Ebacher Photography


Photography by Ebacher Photography

Nancy has been offering one on one lesson’s to woman of all ages for many years now is taking it to the next level to make it more affordable as a group vs individual.

The 1st Beauty Workshop being offered is one for the teenage girl. When young girls are in there early to mid teens, they get a lot of peer pressure from there fellow classmates and friends. Nowadays it’s all about You Tube and Instagram. But Makeup by Nancy is a strong believer in applying makeup so that you still look like yourself.

Nancy is going to show teens in small groups of 8 the proper sterilization of makeup brushes and a simple natural look along with basic skin care instruction and most importantly the topic of NO SHARING MAKEUP will be covered.

She also knows 1st hand about sharing eye liners in locker rooms, or going over to friends houses and playing with there mom’s makeup and everyone using the same mascara.

This is a HUGE no no no. 🙂 

Also by popular request, Nancy will enforce that a beautiful smile is part of the teen’s beauty and stress the importance of brushing your teeth twice a day!

Each registered teen will receive:

  • A quality makeup brush set
  • A pro beauty blender
  • Also bottle of professional brush cleaner and cloths

Photo by Ebacher Photography

See product as shown below. Note that there may be color variance based on availability and demand. For now, purple power it is!

Now are you thinking, where do I sign up? Well that’s the easy part! Go to and click on the Beauty Workshops tab and that will pop up a calendar. Then check the dates and all the instructions are there! See diagram below!


If you would like to be added to a mailing list for future Beauty Workshops, please sign up in the box on the top of this website.

(Please Note that I will not share or sell your email address to anyone!!!)

Stay tuned, their will be more beauty workshops coming soon! Nancy


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