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Boston Bridal Makeup – Makeup and Eye Color

Boston Bridal Makeup – Makeup and Eye Color



Have you ever approached a cosmetics counter and see all the choices in eye shadows that have you so flustered that you don’t even know where to start? It’s overwhelming isn’t it?

If you go into that situation again without the knowledge of what you need, you will come home with something that may not be right for you since you are putting your trust into the hands of the individual working the cosmetic counter. Often times you will get a counter clerk who does know what they are doing, but every now and then, you get someone not very experienced and you should know what’s right for you so you have full veto rights!

Here’s some helpful hints as to what may come in handy for you the next time you go makeup shopping. Knowing the right shade of eye colors you should be looking for will truly help you narrow down your options.

Take a look at this little guidance for you to help you decide what eye shadow shade that is right for you:

Blue Eyes: Brown, Rose, and Violet families, but to make them work for you, pick a shade darker than your natural eye color. Anything lighter will give you a dull appearance.


Blue Eyes


Green Eyes: Violet & Plum. Warm colors such as deep purple, mauve, lilac and mid tone pinks. Browns in a more bronze hue. Green eyes should stay away from cooler colors like silvers, blues and pastels.


Green Eyes

Brown Eyes: Greens, Golds, Browns, Pinks, Blues, Grays and Purples. Brown eyes are more versatile and you can experiment more with colors. However if you use colors lighter than your eyes will give a softer look that is more natural but if you go darker it will bring out the sexy in you and look more dramatic.


Brown Eyes

Hazel: Pale Pinks, Light Purples, Sheer Blush Tones, Deep Greens and Lavenders. Adding a shimmer to any of these will help make your eyes stand out and will give you a glow. If your hazels eyes have blue specks, various purple tones would complement them nicely. If you have gold in your eyes, gold based shadows would bring out the gold in your eyes more. If you have green specks in your eyes, using a green emerald in various intensities will compliment your eyes.


Hazel Eyes

Now that you have seen here what colors would look right on you. You can about makeup shopping and ask the sales rep to try a few options with you on a specific shade. Or, better yet, treat yourself, schedule a makeup lesson with me and I can sit down and try a few colors with you to see how you like them in more of a one on one atmosphere. Once we have colors selected you can go makeup shopping with a little more confidence, or, you can hire me to do your shopping for you! I can put together a comprehensive daily makeup product and routine that is easy for you to do.

Contact me today to learn more about your options!

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