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Boston Wedding Makeup Artist – BONS 2017 and Another round of education for Makeup by Nancy

Boston Wedding Makeup Artist – Another round of education for Makeup by Nancy

I didn’t just wake up one morning and say to myself “I want to be a makeup artist.” No I didn’t, but I did come to the revelation a very long time ago that I wanted to become a PROFESSIONAL Makeup Artist.

To be a professional makeup you need to go through extensive training for years, you need to build a kit, you need to work on your marketing plan and you need to form a plan on where you are going to take your career. Don’t be fooled, it isn’t that easy and it certainly doesn’t happen overnight and you certainly don’t learn to be a professional makeup artist on You Tube.

When I decided to be a professional makeup artist, one thing I thought I knew for sure is that I was NOT going to do weddings. This just goes to show, that you don’t know exactly what you will enjoy doing, until you try something out. Little did I know that wedding makeup was going to a primary part of my career and I don’t regret a thing about it one bit.

It’s no wonder that I was able to win Best of the Northshore alongside my teacher, mentor and friends David Nicholas. Two years in a row too!


Did you know that voting is going on again for BONS 2017? You can still vote for Makeup by Nancy, Salisbury as Best Makeup Application!


I just completed my Masters III course with David Nicholas International and upgrades my skills with some commercial with a dash of corrective and I did makeup on 3 models that were photographed by David’s exclusive photographer RomanFPhoto’s.

We start with the stunning Lindsey Hitchings who is not only a model, but is also a makeup artist and DNI Pro as well! Her Instagram is @lhitchingsmua.

I did two looks on her, a natural and a glam:


Photography by Roman – and


Photography by Roman – and

Next was the stunning Denietra aka LadyDee who’s instagram is Twilight Entertainment and not only did I get to do Denietra’s makeup this time around, she also modeled for me back in 2013 also!

Denietra then


Photography by Roman – amd

  Denietra Now!!!!!


Photography by Roman – and

Then she was single and dating – the NOW She’s married with a son! Just like a fine wine, better with age!

Finally we have Stephanie. Stephanie has a condition called Alopecia. Click on this link to learn more about it. This wasn’t my 1st encounter with Alopecia as one of my stunning past brides also had it and I think I did pretty good even back then!

This is the most hair Stephanie has had in many many years according to David.

I really bonded with Stephanie, look how beautiful she is.


Photography by Roman – and

A heart of gold! The day I did her makeup, was a few days after we started the April the Giraffe baby watch. We were tempted to color her hair in Giraffe spots to match her tiger shirt!

Finally my 1st PR Shot with David doing the finishing touches on Denietra.


Photography by Roman – and

Denietra’s lip color is from the DNI Spring Collection that I will be giving away in my 1st Makeup Workshop Click HERE to register.

It’s been a fun ride and I’m so looking forward to what the year is going to bring!


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