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Boston Wedding Makeup Artist – How much makeup is too much makeup to wear to work?

Boston Wedding Makeup Artist – How much makeup is too much makeup to wear to work?


Photo from – An example of what not to do at work! Unless you work in entertainment or a cosmetics counter

Recently I was asked the question, how much makeup is too much makeup for me to be wearing at work? This could be answered in so many ways, it would depend on

1) where you work

2) what you do for work and

3) when at work do you need to do presentations?

I was asked to give a makeup lesson to one of my former brides on how to do her makeup as she has a new job and needs to look the part. So knowing a few details about what she needed I was hopefully able to help her on her way to “looking the part.” It all went well and she was my 1st ever lesson and I was so happy with the end result. In general you should follow these steps on how much makeup is appropriate for work:

I agree with All Women Talk


Image from All Woman – beautiful woman, focus… lips

1) Focus on one feature. For instance, wear a bright lip, but tone down the eyes and cheeks. Or wear a smoky eye but be natural the rest of your face

2) No more lines. Whenever I see anyone with a makeup line under there chin I want to go up to them to blend it out. If you don’t know how to put your makeup on without having a line, then you need to have a Makeup Lesson with a professional makeup artist.

3) Blend & Smudge: The perfect lined eye is not critical for work, so smudge it out. If you are wearing dark colors on your eyes, be sure they are blended out. But for goodness sake don’t touch your face with dirty hands or you will have to cover up more than you want.

4) Your teeth should not be painted: Be sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth!

5) Use Natural Light: I know that’s wishful thinking when most of us do out makeup in the early morning when it’s still dark out. But by the time we got to work the morning light is shining through. Be sure to pack a touch up kit because you should check your makeup in the natural light to be sure you colors are even and you don’t look too washed out.

6) Less is more: We buy makeup pallets that have anywhere from 2 – 12 colors in them. You do not have to wear all the colors at once. Pick 3 or 4 and create a nice day time look, you don’t want to look like a kaleidoscope

7) Wash it off: One of the mistakes a lot of young people do is go to bed with their makeup on. It’s never too late to start a skin care regimen, so do yourself a favor and wash them makeup off your face at night. It should take only 5 minutes to wash your face, maybe a little extra eye makeup remover, then use some eye cream and moisturizer. If it takes you longer to wash the makeup off your face then it took to put it on, then that’s a sure sign you are wearing too much makeup to work.

Having said all this and you still don’t know how much makeup is too much to wear to work, contact me and we’ll set up a Skype or one-on-one lesson so that I can help you create a look that you are comfortable wearing.

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