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Boston Wedding Makeup – How Soon Ahead of Time Should I Book My Wedding Makeup Artist

Boston Wedding Makeup – How Soon Ahead of Time Should I Book My Wedding Makeup Artist



On some internet web pages and on some beauty blogs such as this one from The, the article advises to schedule your makeup consult 3 months in advance. But if you wait until 3 months in advance to do that, without booking them prior to your consult, chances are you will find them booked and have a hard time finding a good makeup artist. Unless they get engaged in December and plan to get married the following March, then they would have no problem since March isn’t a very busy time for weddings here in the Northeast unless you are also an event planner and need to plan your wedding for the off season like my lovely bride Melissa who does events over at the Sterling Country Club. :):)


Photography by Ashley Lynn Photography

Here is what some of my fellow wedding vendors have to say on the topic too:

“I feel that as soon as a bride knows what “look” she is going for, is the right time to seek out hair & makeup. Typically, after attire and venue have been selected, a bride has a good idea of if they are doing super glam, rustic, 1940’s starlet, etc. My suggestion is approximately 6 months out – the best glam squad’s book fast!
It is helpful to have your team in place prior to dress fittings – if you have your hair and makeup trials done on the same day as a fitting, you can have your entire “look” put together to see if you love it!”

Beth Rolfe at Fetching Events:

Beth gives some very good points as to when to book your wedding makeup and the timing could also be how long you give yourself to plan a wedding. But like I mentioned to Beth, as I write this it is mid-March, therefore 6 months will bring us to mid-September and at this moment about 95% of September is completely booked so I think it would also depend on what time of year the wedding is being planned for.

Here are some posts of view from a few fellow makeup artists:

“One of the worst feelings of my job is turning a bride away because I am booked. Especially ones that have been bridesmaids in past weddings. Very often they know that they wanted to book me from the time they met me at their friend’s wedding but end up putting it off. And it always turns out that they contact me too late! Popular dates will often book a year in advance, especially “sequence dates”-I can’t tell you how many times requests I have gotten for 10/10/15! If you want to be able to have the artist of your choice and stress less make sure to start your search early. Even if you wish to book now and have a trial later, you will rest easy knowing that your amazing artist is yours for the day!” Dawna Kraft at Get Glam by Dawna

I totally agree with Dawna, I had to turn away so many weddings that were 9/13/14 and 8/23/14 last year because people wait too long. Like I mentioned about, right now it’s march and you are thinking September is a long way off and you have plenty of time. Not the case my pretties, sorry but you need to up that time scale and book everyone far more ahead of time.

“As soon as you find an artist that you like.  Brides tend to think that booking a makeup artist 3 months before their wedding is the norm.  That is incorrect.  We makeup Artists can book up up to a year, even more, in advance. You will definitely find Makeup Artists that could be available the day of your wedding but is it the one that you wanted? Don’t wait until the last minute to do so.” Bebe Simone at Bebe Simone Makeup Artist

This is why I love working with Bebe so much, we are so much on the same page. Bebe and I worked together a bunch of times like this wedding below at our lovely Maille’s wedding along with friend Tiffany from Detailed Engagements


Photography by FRENCH 75 PHOTOGRAPHY

So keep in mind, the timing of your wedding plays a factor in how far out your should plan your wedding makeup. If you are planning your wedding in the spring, you may have an easier time finding someone if you look into it 4-6 months a head of time. However, if you are planning a wedding in the autumn here in New England,  bridal makeup artists often book this time of year up to a year in advance.

Happy Wedding Planning!



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