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Drawing the Line – The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Lip Liner

Drawing the Line 

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Lip Liner


MAC Cosmetics perfect Lips demonstration

Lip Liner is one of most miss understood items in people’s makeup bag. It’s not really that hard to apply but hopefully this little demonstration I did for you helps demystify lip liner to you!

As a wedding makeup artist, lip liner are something I use almost 100% of the time. The perfect lip looks stunning in wedding pictures. However that perfect lip doesn’t have to look fake.

Back in the 1990’s when lip liner came out, the technique it was portrayed as scared off many people from using it. People were saying that it looks too “finished” and steered clear of it. Have no fear, if you follow these simple steps, lip liner will be your new best friend.


Lip Liner

1)      Pick a lip liner closest to the color of your lip stick shade, this will keep the natural look and not make the lip liner noticeable. That is how you pick your lip pencil shade.

2)      Use a “soft tip” liner. For instance, sharpen the lip pencil, then, on something like the back of your hand, write with it until you have a rounded soft tip

3)      Draw along the edges of your lips, don’t over draw. You don’t want to look like a fish do you? If you want super pouty lips, that’s going to be a whole other blog post coming to you soon!

4)      There’s always to option of clear lip liner. Clear liner allows you to give your lip stick something to grab onto and prevent feathering and bleeding into fine lines and keep your look super soft.


This is your cupid’s bow


5)      Work that cupid bow! It’s the part of your lips that need to be penciled the most. The sharper the cupids bow, the more results you will get in the end.

6)      You can certainly use lip liner all over your lips and use either a lip stick, gloss or clear gloss over it. By doing this you are creating a base for whatever you put over it. You can make you lipstick look more bold or with using clear gloss over it, it can give you very subtle color



I have given you 3 examples below of the importance of lip liner. A little plug for MACCosmetics and I used what I quickly grabbed off my makeup table, my staple lip color I’ve been using the past year called “Sophisto” and it’s a Lustre so it’s not a full color lipstick, but it’s something that’s worn more everyday so I thought this would be a good color to go with.


Makeup by Nancy Lip Products Used

CLEARLY I use it a lot, it’s almost gone! I’m also going to show 2 lip liners, one is a CremeStick by MAC in Sublime Culture which is a very soft lip liner and is more of a cream and the other is part of the MAC Pro Longwear products that is more full color called Staunchly Stylish that’s more pencil style.


Image #1 – my lips without lip liner and then with the lipstick. It doesn’t even look like I’m wearing any lip stick. There’s no border, no precision. Just plain boring. Almost like “why should I bother.”


No Lip Liner Lips

Image #2 – my lips using the CremeStick liner – it’s a very soft shade, very similar to the lip color however my lips look more precise and the lip color actually has meaning. When I put this liner on, I lined my lips, then I buffed the line out and inward so it covers most my lips. The edge looks soft and more natural for a casual everyday look


CremeStick Lip Liner

Image #3 – my lips using the Pro Longwear lip liner. This is a more full color and helps to make the most of my lips. I put this on the same way I do the CremeStick liner, but since it’s a more full color, it fills in fine lines better and makes lips look smoother and fuller. I love this look most of all.


MAC Pro Longwear Lip Liner

In all 3 of these images I used the same lip stick, so you can see the difference in how different types of lip liners offer different types of results. But clearly you can see the importance of lip liner. Once you find the one you love and you will never ever go a day without it!

Northshore Wedding Makeup Artist Airbrush Makeup by Nancy.001

My makeup look for the day

Want to chat lip liner with me or have suggestions on what you’d like to learn about in future posts, comment below or email me! I look forward to hearing from you!email-web-image


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