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Makeup Lessons in Massachusetts – why not? How does 10% off your first lesson sound?

Makeup Lessons in Massachusetts – why not?

How does 10% off your first lesson with me sound? Just mention #IHeartNBPT to get it!


In 2015 Makeup by Nancy launched her makeup lesson series, it’s been a very successful and rewarding experience for both me and the client.

I’ve gone to the client, take a look at what she has, we make heads or tails and see what she is missing. The 2 most common things that I’ve discovered is that the client was fitted with the wrong colors and that they don’t have any brushes. Both of which I can help you solve. I can guide you, direct you and even shop for you. But we will cross that bride when we get there.

Still thinking about doing a makeup lesson and can’t decide? Here are some comments made by 2 clients!

From Colleen Suchecki from Believe, Grow Shine

Question: What makes having a one on one session with Nancy different than learning at a makeup counter?

Answer: It’s very different from learning at the make up counter because you not only get the undivided attention of an expert (Nancy), but you don’t feel the sales pitch about all the make up you “need” to buy from them.  Nancy used what I had in my make up bag and then made recommendations about what I could add to what I already had to take my make up bag to the next level.  I didn’t feel like I needed to go spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on make up to recreate what Nancy helped me do.  It was also different because she would show me how to do a new technique on one eye and then I would practice doing it myself on the other eye.  At the make up counter you never have time to do what they are doing so you can re-create it  yourself!


Question: What did you like the most about a lesson with Nancy

Answer: Nancy is very professional and fun!  She made learning about makeup easy and fun!  Like I mentioned above it was great to use what I already own and see what I can add to my make up bag.


Question: Would you recommend Nancy to your friends and family?

Answer: YES!  I HIGHLY recommend her.  She was very thorough and I learned a lot!



From: Erica Cushna – Attorney, wife and mother of 3 boys


Question: What makes having a one on one session with Nancy different than learning at a makeup counter?


Answer: I have sat at many makeup counters and have been completely ignored or even worse, felt like I was a bother.  If I ask to try a product many attendants seem annoyed.  They NEVER explain what they are doing they just rush you through to the sale

The entire experience with Nancy was so enjoyable and fun.  She was not in a hurry and patently explained the process and what works and what doesn’t.  She was candid with the limitations of my “lid real estate” and what would affect my skin and what colors were appropriate for me


I went to the grocery store after the lesson and ran into several friends that were raving about how great I looked.  It was so much fun and so rewarding.


Question: What did you like the most about a lesson with Nancy

Answer: Nancy expertly told me what she was doing and then made me do half of my face.  I really don’t think that I could remember what to do if I had not done it myself with her expert coaching


Question: Would you recommend Nancy to your friends and family?

Answer: Yes!  Absolutely.


Question: Anything else you can think of that would entice people to be on board?


Answer: Nancy went through all my makeup and very candidly told me what worked and what did not.  I was “living in the eighties” with regard to my makeup.  She very skillfully informed me what worked and what did not, what was age appropriate and how to apply it and what tools I needed.


So now after reading the comments by 2 of my 1st 5 clients, I hope you won’t be afraid to reach out! Like I said at the start, receive 10% off your first lesson! Just mention #IHeartNBPT to get it!

Makeup Lesson pricing: $100.00/hr with a 2 hour minimum per session – extra time billed at $25 per every 15 Minutes. If you are in my neighborhood there will be no extra fee to go to you. Out of my area up to 100 miles, there is a $50 travel fee.

Contact me today so we can take a look at “What’s in Your Makeup Bag” and I can show you what to do with it!


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