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Massachusetts Makeup Artist – Wash Your Face!

Massachusetts Makeup Artist – Wash Your Face!


One of the things I didn’t do when I was younger was wash my face before going to bed. I would stumble home after a late night and climb into bed, then I’d wake up and I would look like a rabid raccoon who went out on an all night bender! But thankfully in my 30’s I smartened up and started a morning and night skin cleansing regimen that I stand committed to now and it’s really showing.

The benefits to doing this are simple! It will keep your skin fresh by removing makeup impurities and prevent clogged pores. It also allows skin to breath and help prevent irritations to the skin and also the eyes!

Amy’s Day Spa also blogged about this very topic seen here

My skin has never looked better since I started using my Limelight by Alcone Dream Clean, Mask of Zen and Calm Balm! I thought my daily use of Cetaphil was the perfect solution for me because it’s fragrance free. But I never knew what it meant to use  chemical free cleansers and moisturizers!

That’s one of the any things that tipped me in the direction of this new product and the fact that it’s cruelty free… well hello Limelight!

Wanna see how it can change your world? Well 1st things 1st. Are you Dry Skin, Combo or Oily? Think about what you steer more towards if you are combo in making your decision. I’ll make it easier for you and post links!

The skincare collection #1 is for those of you who struggle with dry skin, click on the image to be directed to the ordering site through my limelight page for a full description! You will love this! The skin polish is so yummy! It exfoliates your dead and dehydrated cells with jojoba beads so oils from olives, lemon, and cypress can restore and protect your skin. You will fall in love!


Limelight by Alcone Skincare Collection #1

The skincare collection #2 is for those of us who struggle from more oily skin, click on the image to be directed to the ordering site through my limelight page for a full descriptions! This is the very collection that turned my life around!


Limelight by Alcone Skincare #2

Now are you looking for something to help to lift sagging skin, smooth wrinkles, and reverse stress-induced aging? Well try this face serum and ladies & gentlemen, this does not cost $160 like some salons sell it for, The Sotox product is only $42!Massachusetts-Makeup-Artist-Limelight-by-alcone-chemical-free-skincare-makeup-by-nancy.003

Finally, I must share… and I must insist … that you must try out…. this Must Dew!

This blend of vegetable and therapeutic essential oils restores, refreshes, and protects skin cell growth. Doesn’t that just sound amazing!


Don’t you worry about it, because Limelight by Alcone Skincare is…


Chemical Free Skin Care

Whether you use the same old stuff you’ve been using for years or choose to give Limelight by Alcone a shot, you will be pleased with the result in the long run. It’s not too late to start a good skincare regimen! Also please note, there are career opportunities available at Limelight! Click here and Join Our Team!

Here are the August Incentives!!!! Join me today!


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