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New England Wedding Makeup Artist – LimeLight Chemical Free Skin Care

New England Wedding Makeup Artist – LimeLight Chemical Free Skin Care


Hello everyone, for those of you reading this and know me well know that I am the person that says “I’m allergic to everything” and that has caused me to be so very limited for a very long time as to what I can use on my skin.

For those of you who don’t know me, HELLO THERE! My name is Nancy and I have contact dermatitis.  <sniff>

I was diagnosed years ago with a Fragrance Mix II allergy and a Thiuram Mix II allergy which has made life a little difficult and until now with everyday household items and skincare products. I thought the only product I could use on my face was Cetaphil and I would never be able to use a body scrub again.

When I saw an opportunity to market a new product line, I was excited to take the chance for the makeup portion of it. However I was reluctant for skin care thinking “how can I vouch for something without testing it myself?”

So, after through investigation on my own behalf, I did not see a single ingredient that would be harmful to me. So I gave it a shot! To show you now how confident I am of this product, I’m doing something I haven’t done probably since 6th grade.

Here’s a “Clean Face” aka “No Makeup” before and after selfie of me after using these 3 products from Limelight by Alcone…


Dream Clean, Calm Balm and Mask of Zen

Are you ready?

Hold onto you hats! Mark the date… appearing with no makeup, no mascara and ………..



No Filter Selfie – Before and After – 1 Week of using Skincare Collection 2 – Dream Balm Collection

There, I did it! Can you see the difference?

Now I must say, this didn’t go without a little breakout at the very beginning which is very normal when you change any skin care regimen. But if you stick with it and move past it, the end result is worth it.

My findings after 1 week.

1) Reduced puffiness (no I didn’t lost 20lbs in a week for this to happen or get more sleep lol),

2) reduced redness and

3) my pores are so much smaller.

My world had changed!

I encourage you to try it!

Now……. I really want to tell you about the Scrubtini also, so I’m just going to say this…. WOWSA.

I used it yesterday for the 1st time and it smells lemony fresh, kinda like Limoncello with a side of citrus. The texture is like wet sugar. It dissolves super easy to not clog your drain (yes I was worried about this because have a Septic Tank).

I had to buy mine, but you as the consumer can get it for free! You just need to spend $99 and you get a $38.00 item. An amazing deal. But it won’t last for ever, the last day you can do this is June 30th or while supplies last. So get your new skin care regimen soon!

Well Aloooooohhhhhaaaaa!!!!!!


Don’t know what to get? Don’t you worry! I’m a New England Wedding Makeup Artist who recently started on a path to be a Beauty Guide for Limelight. So I can help you!

Email me for a consult, schedule a makeup party or go to my LimeLight by Alcone, click on Shop our Line and cruise through the items.

You just need to know a two things… 1) What your skin type is. (ie oily, combination or dry) and 2) Are you ready for a new you?

Are you a fellow makeup artist and want to get on board, I’d love to have you join me. Go to the same webpage above and click Join Our Team!

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