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Newburyport Area Makeup Artist Offers Private Makeup Lessons

Newburyport Area Makeup Artist Offers Private Makeup Lessons!!!


  • Do you have a bag or a drawer full of makeup and don’t know what to do with?
  • Have you never learned how to do your own makeup?
  • Do you want to learn how to go from your day look to your night look without starting from scratch?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then why not schedule a makeup lesson with Makeup by Nancy? See for yourself how beautiful you are and create a new you!

Details below, please contact me with any questions!

Makeup Lesson Levels:

Level 1: “What’s in my Bag?”: This is where we see what you have for makeup and brushes and help you know what to do with it all and I help you with what you need to get to make “your makeup bag” complete. Includes a basic makeup application lesson.

Level 2: “Day to Night” Once you are comfortable with your level 1 make, come to the lesson wearing your basic makeup and I will show you how to bring this from day to night using the tools that you already have in your makeup bag.

Level 3: “Slim & Shine” This level is advanced, where I show you how to contour and highlight. My contour & highlight products can be used in this lesson as we should find the right fit for you.

Skype or Facetime lessons: If you are not in Makeup by Nancy’s area and don’t want to pay the travel fee, we can do a Skype Lesson and then I can follow it up with emailed instructions. To save time, I’ll be giving you a list of questions to answer ahead of time and will be requesting a list of the makeup items and brushes you already have. Please use the pricing for Nancy’ home studio


If you’re in my neighborhood and want lessons, travel fee does not apply.

Instructional Services at Nancy’s home studio – $100.00/hr with a 2 hour minimum per session – extra time billed at $25 per every 15 Minutes

Group Lessons: For Instructional Services of Four (4) or more people at Nancy’s home studio: $75/per person with a 2 hour minimum

Onsite services has a Travel Fee of $50 for up to 50 miles from Salisbury Ma. Then after that travel will be billed at $25 each additional 20 miles. However, if you are in my neighborhood of Salisbury MA, there will be no travel fee.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions! Have a beautiful day!

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