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Newburyport Makeup Lessons – What you need to make your world brighter

Newburyport Makeup Lessons – What you need to make your world brighter


When you wake up in the morning, do you ever think about what you can do to better yourself that day? Are you in the same old routine day in and day out? Are you bored?

How about starting out by brightening your morning? Instead of standing in the bathroom looking at yourself in a foggy mirror from the shower, you set yourself up a little table with all your makeup and take a deep breath and spend the next few minutes doing nothing but focusing on YOU!

The Glamcor RIKI SKINNY Mirror would be a great addition to your setup.

The hottest mirror in the professional world is now a Limelight Exclusive.  Because of its incredible lighting (yes, it will make you look younger), attachments for a magnified mirror and phone, along with Bluetooth capabilities, this mirror sold out in the US in a flash and customers have been waiting months to get their hands on it.

This mini, lighted mirror comes with an adjustable stand, as well as a phone clip and 3x magnifying mirror attachment that magnetically adheres to the mirror.  The phone attachment will allow you to record or snap pictures at varying angles.  The lights around the mirror have 5 different settings and the mirror itself has a rechargeable battery.   It also has Bluetooth capability, with buttons on the bottom right, so your arm is not in the picture.

The mirror is 10″ high and 9.25″ wide.

AND Best of all it just had a price drop and is now under $200 and you can get this amazing light for $194

Why you ask?





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