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North Shore MA Wedding Makeup – Understanding the Value Behind Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist Part 1

North Shore MA Wedding Makeup

Understanding the Value Behind Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist – Part 1


Photography by David Tucker Photography – Makeup by Nancy Gorman of Makeup by Nancy

Trying to convey to people why wedding makeup is just as important as a wedding dress is sometimes a challenge. So to not sound like a broken record,  I’ve asked for several fellow makeup artists to offer there opinion and will be making this a 2 part mini series. This 1st article was written for me by Meredith De Leon of Meredith Andrée Artistry of San Deigo CA:

Understanding the Value Behind Hiring a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

By: Meredith De Leon

north-shore-ma-wedding-makeup-Meredith Andree Artistry copy

Photograph Provided by Meredith Andree Artistry

Forget planning a wedding. Budgeting for a wedding is a huge task all in itself! Understandably, brides are looking for the best ways to stretch a dollar and still get the wedding of their dreams. As a bridal makeup and hair artist, I’m often faced with questions around pricing, and bridging the gap between reality and expectation is usually my first call of duty. The decision to purchase an experience and service based on quality for such a milestone event will come down to the bride’s understanding of the value for which she is paying. Often, for a bride, hiring a professional artist is a new experience and doing the research is just as important as when choosing any other vendor.


Like any service, a person or company brings various experiences/qualifications, product quality, and service offerings which will then dictate price points. As a bride does her research, she should ask just as many questions as to why prices are low as they are high. Understanding the value behind what she is paying for is key to making a confident decision.


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Photograph Provided by Meredith Andree Artistry

My work as an artist starts well before I meet with my clients…

As a professional hair and makeup artist, my priority is that my clients trust that when they come to me, they are getting the experience of a real professional who can advise and work with them to achieve their desired looks. I am continually researching, networking and educating myself to provide the best service and product knowledge to my clients. Step into any Sephora or Nordstrom and you know there are a lot of products out there! Part of my responsibility as a professional is to know these products well, understand how they work, and which ones are the best for my individual clients. Furthermore, I’m consistently educating myself on techniques, trends and how each one works with a variety of ethnicities, ages, face shapes, eye shapes, and skin types.   Staying abreast of industry changes, trends and products while providing my clients with the best experience keeps me busy way beyond applying makeup.   Additionally, a good artist will understand the basic concepts of photography, lighting, video and how makeup works with each. Continuing education is very important. As a bride one of your questions to the artist you are interviewing should be: How often do you go for formal training and workshops? Can you give me some examples of trainings you have done in the past year?


The customized experience…

north-shore-ma-wedding-makeup-Petula_Pea_Photography_Lindsey_Danny_Wedding 01

Photograph Provided by Meredith Andree Artistry

Your makeup and hair is just as important as your wedding gown. The look you choose for your hair and makeup can make or break your whole look. As a professional artist we discuss your dress, your shoes, the colors of your wedding, your locations, activities of your wedding, weather possibilities… there is a great deal to consider when finalizing your look. We discuss what features you want to enhance or minimize. We talk about your experiences with makeup, what you feel comfortable with, and what you don’t.


Makeup can be tricky. The smallest adjustment can really change the look of a person’s face. I work with my brides to ensure that we have the look they want nailed down before the wedding day and there are no surprises. Prior to meeting, I research looks for the bride based on several of the criteria mentioned earlier, and I come prepared with suggestions. We take time to discuss and walk through the process of the makeup application. Most professional artists will design customized palettes for each individual bride that gives them a look that will for sure be their own for the day. This preparation takes time. The costs to do this preparation are built in the cost of service. What you are purchasing is peace of mind knowing you are in excellent hands of someone who takes their responsibility seriously and is well prepared. Although you want to ask your artists questions, a good artist will listen well and ask you questions to ensure they are meeting your needs.


north-shore-ma-wedding-makeup-Meredith Andrée Artistry.002

Photograph Provided by Meredith Andree Artistry

You want it, I’ve got it -or I’ll get it!…

I supply my kit with only the best quality, professional products on the market to meet the needs of my brides and offer a flawless, long lasting look.   I have often made last minute dashes to a cosmetic store because a bride really wants a specific lip color from a specific brand, or I just discovered a cosmetic that will really help with a bride’s complexion. Quality is the of utmost importance to me. I am not loyal to a specific brand -only the performance of a product. It matters to me that my brides know I am about using products that match or exceed the level of quality they would expect from any other vendor for their wedding. My kit is stocked with a variety of products that go beyond beauty; they allow me to work with a variety of skin types and textures so we can achieve a look that is going to really enhance one’s natural beauty. Additionally, I come prepared for even non-cosmetic emergencies. Got a last minute zit? No problem! A bridesmaid is self-conscience about a scar? I can take care of that. Oops! A stain on your dress? Forgot deodorant? Lost your perfume? I’m your gal!

A professional bridal artist, has been through many wedding days and we know how to help get you through yours too.


There’s no such thing as buying in bulk…

One of the most frequent questions I get has to do with lowing my prices because a bride has ‘X’ amount of bridesmaids and they are hoping that because there are so many, I will lower my price. The fact is, the more clients I have, the more work it is for me. As a single artist there are only so many clients I can service to have everyone ready in a few hours. Therefore, I call on other artists on my team to help me support a large group. The price per person does not go down for bringing in another artist because the artist is also paid at their rate. Additionally, planning for a large wedding takes more time and coordination, and often with other vendors as well as my team. What a bride can be assured of is that I price at a rate that allows me and my team to give you and your party our full attention and time -we are not going to rush through the process because we short changed ourselves or our customers because we discounted just to get the job. When another artist starts dropping the price for volume or any other reason, you might also lose the focus and quality that would normally come with a non-discounted service. As a bride, if you come across an artist who is offering great discounts, be sure you are asking exactly what you are getting for your money so there are no hidden surprises later on.




Photograph Provided by Meredith Andree Artistry

Paying for the experience-

Because a wedding day is so special it can be full of luxuries we do not afford ourselves normally. Getting ready for the ceremony is an important process in your special day and you want to be surrounded by people who are going to keep the atmosphere light, relaxed and fun. Working with a professional they know how to maintain a positive and professional demeanor. They are not there to take any focus from you or your day. A professional is able to keep you and your party on schedule while still giving you the freedom to enjoy the process of getting ready for your wedding. When you interview your artist, you want to have chemistry with them and also feel that you can really be honest with them regarding your concerns and needs. Be sure one of your questions is preparedness for worst case scenarios… do they have back-up if they have an emergency and cannot make it that day? A good artist will have it all worked out so you can sit back, relax and get ready to look amazing on your wedding day!



Thank you Meredith for writing such a great article and for being a contributing blogger for me this week! Check back next week for part II!

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