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Northshore MA Wedding Makeup – Have you asked your mom?

Northshore MA Wedding Makeup – Have you asked your mom?

There have been several times during this past few years when I’ve gotten a call just days before a wedding date from a mother of the bride or mother of the groom who were left out of the wedding day hair and makeup preparations. This makes me both happy and sad. Sad because this woman who gave birth to you, raised you and nourished you or your fiance wasn’t given the courtesy of being given the option of getting her hair and makeup done too.

On the other hand, it makes me happy because then I got to spoil the mother, have a few laughs and make a new friend out of the deal. My friend Melissa from MAW Beauty Hair and Makeup Studio down in Rhode Island agrees and she gave Kudo’s to the moms too!

Now the other issue is this… I’m aware that the most of the mothers of the bride or groom have never had there makeup done professionally and don’t have any visions of what they would look like and have in there head something super glam or absolutely hideous.

Mom’s, please rest assured, you will not end up looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show!


Mimi from the Drew Carey Show

In fact, here are some of my lovely mothers from 2015! See you can look just as stunning too! Thank you for reading and cheers to all you moms!

northshore-wedding-bridal-makeup-artist_missyschrenkerphoto_0821Missy Schrenker Photography


 Lisa Mancuso Photography
salisbury-me-wedding-makeup-artist-brooke-whicher-photography001 Brooke Whicher Photography


Erica Ferrone Photography


Debbie Gravina Photographyyork-me-wedding-makeup-artist-debbie-gravina-photography001

I hope that you enjoyed this blog. As a Northshore MA wedding makeup artist, I always try and assure all the mom’s that they can trust me to make them look beautiful!

Please contact me if you would like to discuss further how I can help your mom!

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