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Salisbury MA Award Winning Professional Makeup – Bye Bye Rosacea

Salisbury MA Award Winning Professional Makeup – Bye Bye Rosacea

Pink pink you stink! Well sometimes! Haha

I don’t mind pink lips, pink cheeks, and maybe sometimes pink eye shadow.

But pink all over face??? No Bueno!

That is how I wake up every morning and go to bed every night. But guess what? Pink by day no more! There is a very easy solution and it’s scent free! I don’t know about you but I think most Rosacea cremes and ointments prescribed have an awful odor to them.

I took the liberty of doing some no filter/no frills selfies of my process of covering my Rosacea so please pardon the ugly mug! 🙂



Here’s me, freshly cleansed face and moisturized. Yeah I know I don’t look happy but I did this all spur of the moment when I was inspired. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to demonstrate the miracle of the Limelight Botanical Foundation!

This is how I hide my Rosacea!


I did 1/2 my face to give you a 1st glimpse of the difference it makes!

Can you already see the difference?

By the way, I’m not naked, haha just sleeveless.


Now don’t I look like I match the rest of my body? See the difference? Here’s a side by side to give you a better look!


From here I can color myself in! I decided to use the Limelight Onyx Eye Shadow Pallet and do a softer smokey eye and used one of the original Limelight Creamy Lipsticks since it was there and thought would look nice for this look.


Ahhhhhhhhh starting to look like a human again. But after I finished this I realized I was Sunday and I was staying at home today so I just let my hair be crazy as usual and air dry and tie it up later!


The finished result. Thank you all for reading! Just wanted to give the Rosacea sufferers of the world something to look forward to! The foundations are super popular and are almost always on back order. So get your orders in ASAP as they ship 1st come 1st serve!


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