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Salisbury Ma. Bridal Makeup Artist explains the art of Patience

Salisbury Ma. Bridal Makeup Artist explains the art of Patience.


It’s the big moment, the last thing the bride has to do before she puts her wedding dress on is have her bridal wedding makeup applied.

It’s when tension is the highest and everyone is waiting to see what the bride decided to do for her wedding day makeup.

The photographer is standing nearby to take those phases of makeup application shots over the makeup artist’s shoulders while the bride is doing her deep breathing and is trying not to throw up.

wedding-makeup-groveland-fairways-glenn livermore photography 1 006

Photography by Gelnn Livermore Photography

Being a Wedding Makeup Artist here in New England for over 10 years now, I’ve been right smack dab in the middle of these huge anticipating moments, more times than I can count. It’s very important that I keep my cool, stay calm and be the source of comfort in these stressful moments.

I’m certainly not claiming to be perfect, there have been some situations where the stress was so high it even got me a little flustered but after a few deep breaths and I’m good to go.


Photography by Shannon Cronin Photography

It’s extremely important as a Bridal Makeup Artist, that I have an unsurpassable amount of patience. My patience runs pretty deep and in the past year it has greatly improved. Believe it or not, a makeup artist and even a hair stylist often can get shaky and nervous, just by not eating. I’ve watched hair stylists and myself do hours of work and not even take a sip of water. That’s so very unhealthy.

So please don’t forget to think about your hard working beauty team when it’s time to order lunch so they can have a snack or even some water. I almost always bring some grapes and nuts for myself and if it’s a longer day I will plan a little extra time to have a salad or a sandwich. A makeup artist with shaky hands is not a good thing! Us wedding professionals are human too so please don’t mind if we take a few minutes to take care of ourselves!

I’m so looking forward to all my weddings this new year!

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