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Massachusetts Bridal Makeup Artist – Why Should I Hire A Wedding Makeup Artist

Massachusetts Bridal Makeup Artist – Why Should I Hire A Wedding Makeup Artist


Photography by Debbie Gravina Photography


Have people been asking you these questions or making these statements to you?

“You do you own makeup so well, why do you need to hire a wedding makeup artist?”


“I LOVE to do makeup, I’ll do your wedding makeup as my wedding gift to you!”


“My daughter is naturally beautiful and doesn’t need to wear makeup for her wedding”

Being a Massachusetts bridal makeup artist for years, I’ve heard all this and more! I do agree with all you mothers and fathers of the bride, your daughter is naturally beautiful but she should be wearing something on her face too to compliment her wedding gown and all the other beautiful details of her wedding day. I mean, she has the gorgeous gown, the beautiful flowers and you’ve paid how much for your wedding photography?

These are some of the most common things I hear when meeting prospective brides or overhearing conversations at wedding shows or in passing.  Please don’t over look your wedding day beauty, it’s just as important as all the other details of your wedding day! You can do makeup in whatever style you like! If you don’t have a style, not to worry, we can discover one together and create a look that’s perfect for you! Do you like a smokey eye? Do you want a very natural look? Maybe something in between?

This is a link to an article that I wrote for my friends over at Detailed Engagements on Why Wedding Makeup. Please read it and take this into consideration when you are planning your wedding day makeup. I’ve made some good points I hope that you will consider 🙂

Please take a look at some of these photo of some brides & attendants that I did in 2014 that may strike some idea’s in that pretty head of yours!


Photography by FRENCH 75 PHOTOGRAPHY


Photography by Prudente Photography


Photography by Happy Gatherings


Photography by Bill Christo Photography


Photography by Authentic Eye Photography

This is just a peak at some beautiful weddings, to see more please view my bridal portfolio!

Not sure what kind of look you want for your wedding? That is what a consult is for. We can look at some photo’s and create a beautiful wedding look made especially for you! Contact me to schedule one today!

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