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Seacoast Area Wedding Makeup Artist – The Pro’s and Con’s of Airbrush Makeup

Seacoast Area Wedding Makeup Artist – The Pro’s and Con’s of Airbrush Makeup

The Pro’s and Con’s of Airbrush Makeup


Dinair Airbrush Compressor

Being a Wedding Makeup artist based in the Seacoast Area of northern Massachusetts, I receive many requests for airbrush makeup for weddings.

If you don’t know what airbrush makeup is, in general, Airbrush is pixilated dots of color so your own skin shows through, light and clean but with continued passes and layering, can also cover or create more colors. It is also Sanitary because of its Touch-Free Application as it eliminates the necessity of brushes, sponges so there is never any risk of cross contamination.

Companies like Temptu, Dinair and Graftobian are among the top airbrush makeup companies in the industry and provide many examples of “how it works” on their websites if you’d like to learn in detail more about it!

Airbrush makeup is a favorite amongst many people but I’ve heard about it most from photographers because I’m told that they have to do less editing. THE CAMERA LOVES AIRBRUSH! It’s also great for film/tv/video and of course still/digital photography

Here are some examples of bridal makeup that I used the Airbrush technique



Photo 1 by French 75 Photography
Photo 2 by Happy Gatherings Photography
Photo 3 by Bill Christo Photography

Are you thinking right now “I want to be Airbrushed too!”, there are a few things that you need to consider before you get your hopes up too high!

How you take care of yourself plays an important role in 1) how your skin will adhere the airbrush makeup as well as 2) how long it will last on you. You need to have good skin to start with and a well-defined skin care regimen. If you have scaring, acne, large pores, rough skin or any facial hair like “peach fuzz”…. Airbrush makeup won’t look nice on you and ANY makeup can cover blemishes but cannot hide the bump(s) therefore it won’t cover up everything. Your pores will still show through and the oils in your skin could dissolve the airbrush makeup. It is definitely not fool proof.

If you fall under this category, traditional makeup would be better for you. Traditional makeup when applied correctly can offer a similar airbrushed look using a Stippling brush. Here are some examples of some of my brides who were not airbrushed. They are just as beautiful as the airbrushed brides, and you will be too!


Photo #1 by Phil Fox Photography
Photo #2 by Glenn Livermore Photography
Photo #3 by Brooke Whicher Photography


I don’t want you to feel discouraged because the old fashioned way of doing makeup is still widely used in the wedding & fashion industry. However if you would like to try it out and see how it looks on you, please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time to do a test run on you.
As far as your wedding makeup, do what’s best for you and what you are more comfortable with. Either way you will look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!

Have a beautiful day!

Special Thanks to Kelly Robertson, The Makeup Bar for her input and assistance











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