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Seacoast Wedding Makeup Artist Reviews Urban Decay Naked Pallets

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As a Seacoast Wedding Makeup Artist, I use a lot of different makeup brands in my kit. So today, I’m doing my 1st product review for you  and I hope you like it! Let’s start with Urban Decay: The Naked Pallets

I have had the Naked 1, 2, 3, basics and basics 2 in my kit for a while now and I have to say they have gotten a workout! People always ask me which one’s are my favorite, I basically give them an order…. I prefer Naked 2 my 1st choice, 2nd choice now is Naked 2 Basics, then Naked 3, Naked 1 and finally the original Naked Basics. Each pallet serves a unique purpose for different people. I’ve used the Naked 2 on many brides who want the smokey eye look and I’ve used the Naked 2 basics on anyone from the natural to mid bride up to mother of the bride. Naked 3 has been great for the weddings that have a pink/plum flare to it.

Here’s a downside to these pallets that has steered many makeup artists from having these in there kits, they are messy! Sometimes you need to blot the product off the brush before you apply it to the eye lid, I’ve wasted more of some shades doing this that it makes me sad. You dip your brush in lightly and then there goes your nice clean pallets. Then tapping it off isn’t always the answer to prevent “spillage” from happening.

Don’t know what “spillage” is? You know when you put makeup on your eyes and you see you have some of the shadow dust that lands on your face that you can’t wipe off because you already have your foundation on? That is spillage so I often do the eyes before I do the foundation so that I can clean swipe away and that makes a world of difference!

So in general knowing how these pallets work, my review…. LOVE THEM!!!!!

I will continue to have them in my kit in 2015 along with many other options. To learn more about Urban Decay and the Naked product line, please visit there website

If you would like to set up an appointment with me to do your makeup with one of these pallets, please use my Contact Form on my website and we will set up a time to play! If you mention this blog I’ll offer a discounted rate to you, contact me for further details!


Thanks for reading! xoxo Nancy



Urban Decay Naked 1, 2 & 3 Pallets


Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallets 1 & 2

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