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Natural Wedding Makeup – Staying True to Yourself

Natural Wedding Makeup – Staying True to Yourself

In light of yesterday’s Royal Wedding, I was totally inspired to write my 1st blog posting in a long time.

The long anticipated wedding of the year finally took place, and I have to say, I was beside myself in bewilderment of all the negativity I heard with regards to the now, Duchess of Cambridge’s, wedding look.

The biggest “complaint” I heard was, “wow, no trend setting”. I have to strongly disagree; the biggest trend I saw yesterday was this… she was true to herself.

So what if she wore her hair down, it was her choice. Unless it was a law in that country that she had to wear her hair in an up-do, there is no reason why she “had” to wear her hair up. Have we ever seen Catherine wear her hair up in any other formal event? If she’s not comfortable with her hair in a bun, why in the world would she choose to do so for her very own wedding day?

Her makeup was gorgeous. Although she went against everything I preach about doing your own makeup on your wedding day, she appears to have had a very steady hand and did a very nice job. My only comment would have been just a little more color on her lips, not much, just a bit. But all in all she did a gorgeous job and looked stunning.

Let’s let the Duchess of Cambridge set the example that to be beautiful on your wedding day, you don’t need to look like someone other than yourself. Look in the mirror, look at what you see. Staring back at you is the reflection of the person that your partner has chosen to spend the rest of their life with. When you walk down that aisle, or down those stairs, or sneaking up behind them for a 1st glance, don’t you want to be recognized?

Now you are probably asking yourself, “wow, should I even wear makeup for my wedding?” the answer to that is this. ABSOLUTELY you should! Especially if you have never worn makeup during your everyday life. Your wedding day is going to be your most photographed day of your entire life, you will want to look flawless, but you will also want to look like you. This is where I come in. I believe in making you look like a more glowing version of yourself. You will be recognized and you will recognize yourself for years to come. I see you for who you are. I may do something on you that you would never think about doing yourself, but I would never force you do wear something you are completely uncomfortable with.

Thanks for taking the time to read my opinions. I want to stress that these are my opinions only. If you feel differently, you are entitled to your opinion too. I strongly felt the need to speak.

Have a beautiful day and remember, Stay True to Yourself!

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