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Wanna be an Actress?  Makeup Tips for that Perfect Headshot in Your Portfolio

Wanna be an Actress?  Makeup Tips for that Perfect Headshot in Your Portfolio

Are you trying to break into the acting business?  Or perhaps you are already somewhat established but aren’t getting the parts you really want.  Perfect makeup is the key to landing great parts. Newburyport-ma-glam-wedding-airbrush-makeup-by-nancy.009

Studios usually go through numerous actress portfolios to see who they would like to bring in for a role. So, you want to be sure they love what they see in you because otherwise, you will never get a chance to meet them and make a different impression.

Makeup Tips for Your Portfolio Pictures

  1. Give them range – unless you want to be typecast as a certain kind of character, it is essential that your portfolio offers the producers an idea of the range of parts you could be cast for in their productions. You’ll need several makeup styles included.
  2. Give them natural – You should always include a natural shot with perfect makeup that looks like you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. This shouldn’t be your only picture. It ensures that if they call you in to audition for a part, they recognize you when you show up.
  3. Give them characters – You need to convince them with your portfolio that you would be perfect for a number of roles. A really great collection includes all the characters you can portray. So, a range of makeup styles will be necessary.
  4. Perfect makeup – If you can afford to, hire a professional makeup artist to create your different looks. The last thing you want is for the casting director to be distracted by a makeup look that wasn’t executed well.
  5. Embody the role – Aside from perfect makeup application, take on the role you are portraying for each shot completely. Do it by using clothing and hairstyles that fit each character. You need the casting team to see you in that role when they look at the photo.Newburyport-ma-glam-wedding-airbrush-makeup-by-nancy.002
  6. Don’t go overboard – Yes, you want them to know that you can portray different types of characters, but it shouldn’t be a spoof of characters. Don’t attempt to look like a firefighter with hat and gear and runny mascara – look like someone who could play a firefighter. Show them you can look brave and beautiful while also being a bit disheveled.
  7. Have fun – You don’t want all of your photos to be super serious. Show them your lighter side as well, so they will see that you could be fun to work with on the set.

Creating a winning actress portfolio is all about showing a broad range of character possibilities. May be in a subtle way with perfect makeup fitting for each character.

These makeup tips can’t guarantee you get the part – you do have to be able to act too!  Perfect makeup, though, is a critical part of creating each character you want to represent.

So, hire a professional if you can, or practice a bit on each one before your shoot. And don’t forget to thank us when you win that award!


Photo’s are of aspiring actress Bethany Murray who has modeled for me several times building her portfolio!

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