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Wedding makeup artist asks… Mica or Matte?

Wedding makeup artist asks… Mica or Matte?


Are you asking yourself now… “What do you mean, Mica or Matte?”

Have you ever put eye makeup on and suddenly your eye’s start to itch or burn and you never wear it again? Maybe you’ve always worn “shimmery” eye shadow and all of a sudden you turn a year older and your eyes can’t tolerate sparkly shadow anymore.

Mica Shadow

Mica Shimmer Eye Shadow

MAC Matte2 Eye Shadow

MAC Matte Eye Shadow













You are not alone, this happens to MANY people. Being a wedding makeup artist I try to tell people not to be discouraged, you either have always had or have developed a sensitivity to the ingredient Mica and possibly Titanium Dioxide and Zinc too, but the best place to determine that is the visit your local allergist.

As seen here at Cory Cosmetics they also agree with me.

I am very aware that not all people are created equal so I have always had a mica free eye pallet in my kit. Therefore if you or anyone in your wedding party who is afraid to get there makeup done because they had a problem with eye makeup before, it’s very possible that they have a sensitivity and don’t even know it. They need not worry! One of the first questions I ask when someone sits in my chair if they have any allergies and/or have had any issues with makeup before. I care about you are going to feel for the hours you will be wearing the makeup I’ve applied onto you.

Makeup by Nancy Matte Mica Free Pallet

Makeup by Nancy Matte Mica Free Pallet

Many eye products contain an ingredient called Mica. Mica is a silicate mineral used in cosmetics for its brilliant or shimmering appearance, according to Wikipedia. The word “mica” is actually thought to be derived from the Latin word “micare,” meaning “to glitter.” It is mined in thin sheets and is usually found in blue or green hues, although iron oxides are often added to create a brilliant range of bright colors.

mica originate


Mica can be very irritating to the eyes and can cause them to become red and irritated. If you’ve had this happen to you, try switching to Matte eye makeup!




Don’t give up on makeup, just find the right brand that works on you! If you’d like to try a makeup look with all matte and mica free eye products, now is as good a time as any to plan it. I have my gift certificate promotion going on, save 33% on a makeup application!

Give the gift of beauty today!


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