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Wedding Day Makeup and You!

Wedding day makeup, when thinking about it, does the thought of that recent “GoGurt” TV commercial that went completely viral amongst the community last year that show’s a mother wearing an ridiculously tacky smoky eye that can be seen here scare you away from trying something new like a more romantic smoky eye. You would be surprised at how beautiful it may look on you when done right on you for your wedding day makeup! Check out the gorgeous Rachel and Stunning Jess, both wore smokey eyes for there weddings in 2013!

Southern-New Hampshire-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-nancy-aa004

Photography by


Photography by

However, choosing to do a gorgeous natural look is still a very sought after wedding makeup style and especially is the perfect look for brides to be that don’t typically wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis or for those brides who want to tone it down on their wedding day. Below please see the beautiful Leah with her natural beauty showing through with her soft and subtle makeup.

Southern-New Hampshire-Wedding-Airbrush-Makeup-by-nancy-aa010

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In 20 years from now, when you go back to looking at those wedding pictures, you want to be able to recognize yourself and see how truly beautiful you were on your big day. A natural look will help you accomplish that goal.

As a Newburyport area Makeup Artist with a specialty in wedding makeup, I strongly believe your wedding day makeup is a very critical component of your wedding day preparations and for some brides, it gets overlooked because of the influences of others the say “I didn’t get my makeup done for my wedding.” You and they need to understand that you are paying a lot of money for your wedding photos and you want to look amazing in them.

Your wedding day will be one of the most photographed days of your life. Show to the world how beautiful you are! Please contact me today to schedule your consult so we can work together to find the perfect wedding day makeup look for you!

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