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5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Headshot photo makeup

5 Tips for Getting the Perfect Headshot photo makeup

How to Select the Headshot Makeup You Use  

Whether you are an aspiring actress, model, entertainer or blogger looking for the perfect photo for your portfolio or website, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to be sure your headshot makeup is working for you, rather than against you.

What is the Purpose of This Headshot?

  • Modeling Portfolios

When you are pulling together your modeling portfolio, it really is best to capture several different looks to give the agencies an idea what jobs you are best suited for. 

  • Actress Headshots

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Similar to modeling portfolios, actresses need to show their range.  You don’t want to send them one photo that paints you as one type of character if you want the chance to portray more than that.

  • Entertainer Headshots

While you can opt to do several different looks, each change of looks will generally cost you more, and it really isn’t necessary.  As an entertainer you want to promote your brand.  You have already established who you are, so one look is all you really need.

  • Blogger, Professionals or Other Website Photos

Just as with entertainers, unless your site is all about different makeup styles, you want people to recognize you and you don’t want to appear too vain by posting too many photos online.  Stick with one look, and pick the best shot.

Single Look Headshot Makeup

  • Natural Makeup

Natural makeup is always a winner, makes you look relatable, and ensures people recognize you when they see you.

  • Bold Makeup

If your personal brand has a more specific look and feel, go with the makeup that is consistent with your brand.

Multiple Looks

  • Natural Makeup


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When you have the opportunity to do multiple looks for your photo shoot, never leave out the natural makeup look.  As noted before, it is always a winner, and it lets them get a feel for what you look like when not in character.

  • Multiple Looks for a Model

As a model, you want to show the agency that your look is good for print work, runway walking, commercial shots, and maybe even more edgy or artsy shots. The more you can include in your portfolio, the better. 

Obviously, when you are doing multiple looks, you are going to need to select your headshot makeup based on the type of work the look is going to represent.  Use different makeup for each, giving agents more ideas of how they could promote you to their clients.

  • Multiple Looks for an Actress

Your job is to portray characters, so it is important that you show the range you feel comfortable playing in your portfolio.

Think about what kind of roles you want to play.  Maybe you look really innocent naturally, and you’ve been typecast, but you really want to play a villainess, or a spy. 

Choose the characters you want to show in your range, and create those characters in your mind, just as you would if you were playing them in a movie.

If you’re having trouble deciding what makeup will work best, look for inspiration in movies or magazines that give off that vibe, and duplicate their looks with your headshot makeup.

Once you’ve figured all of that out – It’s time to have fun!

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