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A Pop of Color:  Just the Thing to Put Some Panache in Your Wedding

A Pop of Color:  Just the Thing to Put Some Panache in Your Wedding

A Pop of Color

Pop of Color

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Having a Newburyport wedding doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.  Whether it is your parents insisting on a classic white wedding, or if that is your preferred style, you can still make a statement with a bold color choice that will stand out against all the white and black.

J&S Photographers

J&S Photographers

Your guests will appreciate a reprieve from the strong contrast of white to black, and that color will surely translate into more attractive wedding photos for you. 

The question is, where are you having your wedding?  Newburyport weddings might be a bit traditional – so shake it up with just a hint of color.  They will see it and love it, but it won’t be led to the point of distraction.

Classic Newburyport weddings just need a little flair.  You certainly don’t want to go over the top, but one strong color, presented on the bride, and perhaps some other wedding decorations, can take a standard classic wedding to making a statement without trying too hard.

Red and blue are two primary colors that are bright, loved by many, and generally evoke good feelings. 

How would you use them to give your white wedding a little panache?

We’ll look specifically today at red and blue and which can be used to add that shot of life you are looking for.

Red:  Black and white and red are classic.  Everything in the wedding can be black and white, but the addition of a few bright or dark red objects, such as the bride’s red lips, red nails, and possibly a red ornament for her dress, makes everything draw attention just that much more where you want it. This Red Roses with berrieswedding makeup artist for her own special day carried red roses in bridal bouquet for a pop of color.

Even though it is a standard and popular color, when mixed with a strict classic black tie and white wedding event, it is just the pop of color that is needed to keep the venue from appearing too tedious.

Blue:  There are so many ways you can go with blue.  Are you having a seacoast wedding? What about a simple pop of sky or turquoise blue on the bride’s toes and fingernails? How about a blue sash?  Even a little blue wedding makeup on the eyes could be attractive. It isn’t dark or gaudy but provides some tint that matches the location of the ceremony and a little flair.  It can look fresh, when used as the only color worn by the bridal party for decoration. This Newburyport Makeup artists’ bridal party wore navy blue dresses, all in there own preferred style. 

The point is, Newburyport weddings and seacoast weddings in general, have an opportunity to bring nautical colors into the ceremony that can add light and flair, without being distracting.

Hope you got some good tips here! As you can see, I love a Pop of Color! Here are my ladies! 

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