Boston-Bridal-Beauty – Dear Bridesmaids, with love

Boston-Bridal-Beauty – Dear Bridesmaids, with love

Dear Bridesmaids,

This one is for you, just something to think about when it comes down to when the wedding day beauty comes about.

Your friend or family member is getting married and it’s a very special day in her life and she wants to look even more beautiful than she already is.

She found the perfect makeup artist, but she needs a minimum of people to sign up for makeup in order to book them. Why would you put your family/friend through all that stress to scramble to find another people to get makeup done?

Her nerves are already through the roof and now since she can’t find enough people to do makeup. Would you please set aside the funds to get your hair and makeup done as well?

Still not convinced? Please keep in mind these few things:

I know you love makeup and wear it all the time and feel you can do your own makeup for the wedding. Please know that not all makeup is compliant to weddings. If one person is wearing makeup that didn’t come out of the makeup artists kit, you could end up costing the bride more money in retouching costs.

She won’t be able to hire the artist that she wants and has to settle for going to a makeup counter or worse, the hotel salon where she risks being seen by other guests walking back to her room rather than hiring an onsite makeup artist to come to her room and be able to relax before the wedding.

If you are sensitive to anything, ask the bride for the makeup artists contact info so that she can express concerns ahead of time. Believe me, we would not be offended

Think about how much money the bride is spending on her wedding photography, don’t you want her to love her photo? She’s spending all the money on her photo’s so please think about her and her efforts

The bride has invited you to be a part of her bridal party because she LOVES you. She wants you to have fun! Dance with her, smile in pictures with her, and look and feel your best too!  Ladies, great makeup equals confidence, so take the stress of that off of you and leave the artistry to the pros.

And plus, think of those facebook pictures!

It’s not as hard as you think it is. Starting now, today, get a mason jar and every week add $10 to that jar as your bridal beauty fund. If the wedding is a year away, you can add a $1 a week. Simple as that! It’s surprising how easy it is to afford to pay for the bridal party beauty costs. You will even have extra for gratuities and still have leftovers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I’m speaking up for all the frustrated brides out there and saying something all my fellow mua’s won’t touch on. It makes it hard to show we do whole bridal parties makeup if we don’t have the images to show.

Below please enjoy some images of some of the lovely bridal parties I had the pleasure of beautifying!

Don’t they look Gorgeous?




Bridal-Party-Makeup-Styles-1024x683 copy

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