Eye Shadow 101 | Makeup by Nancy

Eye Shadow 101 | Makeup by Nancy

I am SO thrilled for today’s post. If you couldn’t tell by the title, today we will be discussing Eyeshadow 101, as part of my Makeup 101 series. I love eyeshadow…I feel that it really pulls a look together and makes it look *extra fabulous*.

As with any element of makeup, there are definitely some tips and tricks to know.

So, let’s get started. 🙂


Light VS Dark? Color VS Neutral? Bright VS Subtle? What to do?!

I keep it basic here:

For daytime, I recommend lighter, more subtle colors. Night time can be smokier and heavier.

I like to only use colored eyeshadows for ‘fun’ makeup; such as for parties or holidays. Neutral eyeshadows ALWAYS look good, so it’s easier to stay on the ‘safer’ side of makeup with these.

Eye Shadow 101 Makeup by Nancy

Bright eyeshadow, such as white, can look great near the brow bone and as an inner-eye highlight. Subtle (more skin-toned) eyeshadow looks beautiful all over the lid, with a little bit of dark eyeshadow near the ends of the eye (where you would put winged liner, for example).


As is the case with all modern day makeup, there are tons of different eyeshadow formulas. Between powder, cream, glitter, and everything in-between, there’s a lot of options.

Shadowsense by SenegenceIn my experience,

powder eyeshadow is the best way to go. Glitter eyeshadow can look fabulous for certain events and occasions, or even if you want to play around and try something new that day.

As for cream eyeshadow, I don’t really ever recommend it. With how our eyes move, it’s just easier for cream to crease and not look as amazing as, say, glitter or powder eyeshadows would. However, this completely depends on you and your preference.  Unless you use the Senegence Shadowsense, it’s the best cream eyeshadow I’ve ever used!


This section covers the ‘texture’ of certain eyeshadows. As you’ve probably seen from many brands, they typically offer single eyeshadows (like M.A.C. Cosmetics) or entire palettes full of beautiful colors (such as the brand TOO FACED).

With these eyeshadows, I imagine you’ve discovered that there are three basic textures: matte (which is a solid color with no texture), shimmer (more on the sparkly/shimmery side), and glitter (which is just full on sparkles).

I recommend:

  • Matte shadows for “transition” shades (where you blend one eyeshadow into another)
  • Shimmer shadows for the lid, brow bone, and inner corner
  • Glitter shades for the top and bottom lids only

Matte shades work great in every day, shimmer shades look super pretty on the lid either day or night, and glitter shades are best if you work in an environment that focuses on makeup, for special events, or if you like to express your fun-loving side. 🙂



Bharat Parmer Photographer | 617 Weddings


With eyeshadow, blending is KEY. I can’t recommend it enough; blending can take a look from average to masterful makeup artist. I always like to try and make eyeshadow look ‘circular’ or halo-like around the eye, as it makes it look more subtle around the areas where the eyeshadow ends.

A final tip

A final tip for making eyeshadow look *amazing* is to think: dark, light, lightest … with shades. Use the darkest shade in the outer corner of your eye, a lighter shade in the middle of the eye, and a very light inner corner highlight to add a pop and make your eyes look bigger.

I also recommend watching YouTube tutorials, looking at Pinterest charts for examples on blending/application, or even booking a makeup lesson with me! (If you have any makeup-related inquiries, you can contact me at

Do you have any other questions regarding eyeshadow? If so, let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


~ Nancy

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