How to moisturize your face the right way

Dry skin lurks in every season.  Whether it’s winter winds or summer sun, keeping your skin hydrated is crucial.  Hydrated skin not only looks younger and healthier, but it feels better too. Moisturize your face!

The moisturizer you choose can help your skin age more gracefully, help your makeup last longer, and can protect your skin from the elements.  Facial moisturizer is important.

And, as the seasons turn, here are the things you need to keep in mind about how to moisturize your face.

Senederm SkincareChoose the right products

There are a lot of different products out there for moisturizing your face.  The first step is to know how moisturizers work.  While most people think moisturizer adds hydration to the skin, what it actually does it create a barrier to hold moisture in the skin cells.

There are several different ingredients traditionally used in moisturizers to achieve this goal – the thicker the cream, the better job it does sealing in moisture.

However, when moisturizing your face, you have to be careful – creams that are too thick or contain certain ingredients can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

It can also be beneficial to use different lotions for the evening and the day.  For instance, choose a lotion with sunscreen for the day and possibly a thicker, non-sunscreen face lotion for bedtime.

Apply it rightmoisturize your face

Depending on the products you choose, you also need to be sure you apply them correctly.  For thicker lotions that don’t contain water, you want to apply lotion while your face is still damp.  This seals in the moisture and hydrates your skin for longer.  For the best results, apply within 3 – 4 minutes of showering or washing your face.

For lighter lotions, you can apply at any time as you’re not sealing in additional water.  However, lotion should always be applied to clean skin to keep breakouts at bay.

Always apply facial moisturizer in an upward motion using a light touch.  As gravity is always pulling our skin down, take time in your routine to work against this force.

Be especially careful when applying lotion or eye creams – the skin is so light and fragile can be easy to stress or damage it.  Use the middle two fingers to gently pat lotion in these areas, moving in an upward motion.

humidifierHydrate without products

Sometimes, however, you need to moisturize your face without adding more products.  Especially in the dry winter months, adding skin hydration without always turning to extra lotion is a must.

One of the best ways to combat dry skin naturally is with a humidifier.  Adding a bit of moisture to the air will not only benefit your face and skin but your pets and plants as well.

Another culprit for dry skin is those lovely long, hot showers we relish.  The hot water in the shower strips the skin of its natural oils, and moisturizer barriers, leaving your skin dryer than when you got in.  Shorter, cooler showers are not only easier on your skin, but your budget as well.


Happy faces are those that are moisturized and glowing.  Use these tips to keep your skin healthy and happy, no matter what the weather.

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