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Impress Your Family with These Holiday Makeup Styles

Ah, the holidays. Egg nog, good cheer, crippling credit card debt, and the nagging need to look your absolute best at every event you attend. Whether you have one family party to attend or a string of gatherings. Figuring out your holiday makeup can be the most challenging piece of the puzzle. Above all, it needs to border on perfection; otherwise, Aunt Betsy will gladly point out every, minuscule flaw on your skin. 

Not this year, Betsy.

To help prepare you for the myriad of holiday parties, I’ve come up with some subtle and not-so-subtle looks. They’ll turn heads without making everyone think you’re on your way to Las Vegas. However, they’re also something any professional makeup artist can pull off!

Holiday Makeup

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Subtle Smokey Eye

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Avoid comments about how you look like a holiday raccoon with a more subtle smokey eye. In fact, a soft smoke accentuates your eyes without overpowering them and giving them that sunken look. It’s a versatile technique that leaves the rest of your face an empty palette. The possibilities are endless, but let’s stick to more subtle colors. Choose a pale lip color to keep things modest or show that you’re the life of the party with a sultry, above all, brighter color.

The Neutral Palette


It doesn’t have to take a lot to give you a glamorous holiday makeup style. Even with neutral colors, you can stand out in a crowd. Keeping things neutral and subdued may not make a bold statement, but it doesn’t compromise your holiday look. Use a neutral color palette across the board, from your eyes down to your lips. Add a touch of shimmer to your cheeks for a hint of holiday festivity. 

The Pop of Red


It’s the holiday season, and the twinkling of reds and greens will come to life in home light displays. Pay tribute to these glimmering traditions with a dramatic lip color that’s sure to turn heads. In addition, vibrant red can be an intense and risky color. Without a professional touch, the whole look can implode with such a bright and standout shade. Silvery tones best complement the red and give your face that perfect holiday shimmer. 

Holiday party makeup

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Golden Beauty


What’s a holiday season without a little gold? For this look, you don’t have to overdo it with sparkly gold. We’re looking for something subtle that really lets your outfit take the spotlight. The soft glow of gold and a complimentary pink lipstick can be far more effective than an overdone look with a rich metallic gold covering your face. It may sound like an easy look to achieve, but getting the right tone without overdoing it can be difficult. 

Hear Them Ring


There’s a way to pull off sparkling makeup without looking like a showgirl, and it all starts with a metallic eyeshadow. In fact, it’s that shimmering shadow that you want to be the star of this look. So, you can trade your bright red lips for something more subtle and neutral, but don’t be afraid to go bold. Think deep red, the kind you’d want hanging from your Christmas tree or decorating your home.

This holiday season, however, choose a makeup style that will make you feel good and impress your family. These more subtle styles are a pop of holiday flair, in fact, perfect for showing off at your next gathering of relatives.

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