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Let’s Talk Eyelashes – Lash Tinting, Perming, and Extensions

Let’s Talk Eyelashes – Lash Tinting, Perming, and Extensions



Lash Tinting, Perming and Extensions


Here’s the deal: dramatic eyelashes create the illusion of larger eyes, producing a younger, brighter look. Who wouldn’t want in on that? If you’ve been blessed with long, thick eyelashes, you may be able to purchase a cheap drug-store mascara and call it a day. But for many of you, the best volumizing and/or lengthening mascaras on the market are still not enough for a night out. Let’s explore three common solutions to achieving bold lashes.


Lash Tinting

Lash tinting has been very popular, yet it’s quickly fading out of the industry due to health risks. Tinting is achieved by brushing dye directly on the lash and therefore creating a natural look… However, the FDA has not approved these dyes, which we are now learning can cause serious eye injury. Eyelash tinting has been banned in California and other states will follow their lead. During my research, I stumbled upon this informative article on the subject, published by Allure.  The article was extremely eye-opening (pun intended).


Lash Perming

Perming is a safe eyelash solution if applied with a non-toxic formula. Compared to other methods, it leaves you with a natural look since you are simply altering your actual eyelashes. If you have inherently long lashes but merely need a strong-hold curl… this is for you! I’ve heard mixed reviews about how long perming treatment lasts for clients… one said six to eight weeks, while another claimed two to three months. Similarly to a hair perm, the amount of oils you produce and how quickly your body sheds and regrows new hair plays a part in how long your lashes will hold the curl. Regardless, with the hefty price tag of about $100 a session, I may be inclined to try this at-home, DIF (Do It with a Friend), a version from Amazon.



Lash extensions are currently the most popular method of choice for dramatic eyelashes. This is especially beneficial if you have thin lashes or bald patches. Extensions are applied in-between each individual eyelash and can last anywhere between 2-4 weeks, depending on the person. Some salons recommend getting fills every two weeks. Price ranges depending on the material of the lashes, which can be real mink hair, silk or synthetic (polyester). The process is time-consuming but certainly produces the most natural beautiful end result!



With any makeup or skincare regimen, the only way to determine which method is best for you is to test it. Alter between perming and extensions to see which lasts longer, is more natural, and of course most comfortable for you. Try various shapes as well (see chart below). Remember, it’s fun to switch it up! Say, keep it natural in the summer, then go bold and dramatic for the holidays!

eyelash extensions


 Have you tried eyelash perming or extensions??

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