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Making sense of foundation: How to choose the right one for you

Foundation is the essence of your makeup routine, hence the name.  However, most of us end up using the same type of foundation without really thinking about it.  Also, as we age, our skin changes, and sometimes the products we’ve been using aren’t the best choice anymore.

As you shop the cosmetics aisle, here’s what you need to know about foundation choices, and which might be your next favorite.


Powder face makeup is the go-to for a lot of women.  It’s compact, easy to apply on the go, and comes at a low price point.  Powder foundation choices come in either pressed or loose options, and both are lightweight on your face.  Those with dry skin should stay away from powder – it can make the problem worse.  Also, aging skin generally doesn’t look best in powder foundation as it settles into fine lines and wrinkles.  Those with oily skin might find a perfect match with powder.

Foundation choice


Liquid foundation is usually the next makeup choice we make.  It gives heavier coverage than powder but feels light on the skin.  It does a great job covering up any discolorations or blemishes while still being easy to apply.  Those with oily skin should be careful liquid foundation doesn’t make the skin too shiny – liquid is ideal for those with normal to dry skin.


Whipped foundation choices are great for dry and aging skin.  They go on in a light, easy to blend layer with just the right amount of coverage.  Most have a matte finish and are perfect for combination skin or covering discolorations.  Not every company produces a whipped foundation, but most of the drug store brands now have a version.

bare mineralsMineral

Remember when BareMinerals was all the rage?  Mineral foundations are no longer viral, but they are still great choice for all skin types.  Made from ground minerals, these foundations are supposed to be healthier for your skin as they’re free from additives.  The drawback here is the mess – the loose powder can be quickly lost as it showers around the room.  Once you perfect the technique, however, mineral foundation can be a great fit.


Tinted moisturizers & BB Cream

Lately, tinted moisturizers and BB Creams are everywhere.  And there is a good reason for their popularity – they combine the best features of all other types of foundations while simplifying your routine.  Most tinted moisturizers and BB creams offer light and sheer coverage while combining moisturizer and often sunscreen in one bottle.  Creams can be layers to conceal minor discolorations and imperfections, and they are easily blended.

StickStick foundations

Stick foundations have been growing in popularity – celebs like Rachel Ray have featured stick foundations in recent months.  mosy stick foundations give medium to full coverage while in an on-the-go formula.  Apply in the morning and touch it up before going out at night with no fuss.  Pay attention to the formula you choose – some with heavy textures can settle into fine lines or lead to clogged pores.  Most stick foundations come with instructions to make application easy without pulling on the skin.

Hopefully, this round-up of different formula choices will help you navigate the different types of foundation on the market.  Don’t be afraid to experiment – you might be surprised!

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