Newburyport Makeup Artist – Style Shoot at Newburyport Olive Oil

Newburyport Makeup Artist – Style Shoot at Newburyport Olive Oil

A few months ago this Newburyport Makeup Artist was called to be involved in a Style Shoot the super amazing Newburyport Olive Oil company l located in the Tannery Marketplace right in downtown Newburyport adjoining the waterfront area.

Along side there sister company, Port Plums, this mother and daughter duo have been very busy building this amazing shop to new levels! I’m so happy to have been asked to do these 2 lovelies makeup and got to know them so much better! We first met at one of our amazing Newburyport Chamber of Commerce mixers!


Not only do they provide some of the finest olive oil’s and vinegar’s from all over the world, they now offer unique gifts, amazing kitchenware, smiling faces and space for your small gathering! Check out these amazing images from Amanda Ambrose Photography who took some amazing shots of there space and Some of the products they offer! They have solutions for housewarming, wedding favors, everyday living, and fine dining! Check it out!

And I’m super proud to show you I also possess some yummy goodness from the Newburyport Olive Oil company on my own kitchen counter!

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