North Shore Makeup Artist – Embrace your Curves

North shore Makeup Artist – Embrace your Curves

What is not to love about a woman with curves? I mean, more to love right?

Women all over the world are all shapes and sizes and all of them are absolutely beautiful. I have decided to have a “Curvy Confidence” album. Being a woman of curves all my life, I have always been self conscious about how I look. So a few years ago I decided to do something about it and started a healthy living lifestyle. I soon came to find out, I’ll always be curvy, but just much healthier.

I have had such the pleasure of meeting so many beautiful women recently and am looking forward to more beauty shoots in the future. Here are some shots from 2 of my favorite photographer!

Alison Ebacher of Ebacher Photography and Jim Abrams of Shooting Star Photography

The lovely Curvy Models in order and there Instagram’s:

Suzy Keyes:

Melissa Hector:

Carine Calixe:

Dahlia Griffin:





Stay tunes, more loveliness to come!!!

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