Northshore-MA-Weddings – Read and Sign on the (sometimes) Dotted Line

Northshore-MA-Weddings – Read and Sign on the (sometimes) Dotted Line

Northshore-MA-Weddings – Read and Sign on the (sometimes) Dotted Line


Contracts, Terms and Conditions, Agreement of Services… however way it’s described, they are written for a reason. To protect you and the vendor. Therefore the following factors come into play:

  • Read the contract
  • Understand the contract
  • Keep a copy of the contract
  • Be sure that there is a contract

That last bullet is the cause of reason where I got the idea for this blog. I came across a situation this year when a bride waited 2 days before her wedding to confirm with the salon that was doing her wedding hair and makeup to find out that they only had her down for hair. So she found herself without a makeup artist and sent her in a state of panic.

Fortunately I had availability the day of her wedding and I was able to do her makeup as well as a few other attendants.

No wedding vendor should book a client based on a verbal agreement. There should always be something written outlining to terms, pricing and expectations. I asked 2 of my wedding vendor friends to chime in on there thoughts as well on why having a contract is important.

I asked North Shore Videographer Matt Forcier of LMV Productions to answer the following:

Why do you feel a contract is important to have between you and a client?

“Planning a wedding can be super overwhelming, so it’s great to make sure both parties (the client & the vendor) have expectations written down. That way everything is laid out and can be discussed before hand, so come the day of the wedding, there are no surprises.”

What are some key things a couple should make certain of with each contract?

“If you are receiving a product after the wedding (i.e. photos/video) make sure to note the “delivery date”. This manages clients expectations and will hold your vendor accountable in delivering your final product.”


Matt makes some very good points, be sure you have a clear understanding of all expectations. When all the details are ironed out ahead of time, then you can leave all those worries behind and have an amazing wedding!


I also reached out to New Hampshire Photographer Allison Sica of Kiss the Bride Wedding Photography with the following and these are her answers:


Why is it important for there to be a contract in place vs just a verbal agreement? Like protecting both parties, you and the client?

“A contract protects both parties and sets the terms of the agreement. It helps eliminate any potential misunderstandings about the services rendered, too. All of the industry pros I know require a written contract.”

What are some key things a couple should make certain of with each contract? (ie cancellation policy, hidden fee’s)

“I recommend every couple look into the cancellation policy. No one expects things to change, but if you’re ever in the situation where the wedding has been cancelled, you want to make sure you know where you stand with all of your vendors. I would also ask your vendors for an itemized set of services provided on the contract so there is no confusion.”
While we never wish for a wedding to be canceled, but there are times when life happens and weddings have to be postponed, moved or heavens forbid canceled. This is why having a contract in place that will state the terms of cancellation and what steps need to be taken.
So now let’s go back to my blog title… Read and Sign on the dotted line! The key word there is READ the contract, so many just skim it and don’t pay attention to the small details. Be in “the know” ask questions before you sign, have a clear understanding and don’t over look the small text. It’s there for a reason, read it, agree to it, and sign.
Thank you for reading! Nancy

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