Northshore Seacoast Wedding Makeup – A Wedding at Lake Morey Resort

Northshore Seacoast Wedding Makeup – A Wedding at Lake Morey Resort

This summer had the awesome pleasure of driving up to Lake Morey Resort to do a wedding for the stunning Nicole and her new husband Jared’s wedding.

This is where I met Alyssa B Photo, a sweet and kind lady with a heart of gold. Photography has given her the opportunity to bring countless memories, endless laughter, and timelessly radiant images to thousands of people.

I have to thank Alyssa McKenzie of the Tranquil. Inviting. Sophisticated Radura Salon and Spa
for recommending me to this wedding! I had the pleasure or working with her teammate Katie who can also be found here on Instagram


The bridal party for this wedding consisted of “Manmaids” vs “bridesmaids” and it was hysterical watching them all have some much fun! This group of people were such a blast to spend the morning with!

The question is, and Nicole and the bridal party will know what this means… Did we ever find out who drank the red wine? Hahahahaha


Nicole was a stunning bride! Thank you for including me in your special day!




And they lived happily ever after



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