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Portsmouth Wedding Makeup – The Rage of Makeup Trends volume 1

Portsmouth Wedding Makeup – The Rage of Makeup Trends volume 1

Boston, Newburyport or Portsmouth Wedding Makeup. No matter where your wedding, the trends are all the rage. Let’s talk about one of them…

The Winged Eye Liner


Thank you Atlanta Beauty Expert for creating such an amazing display!

You can google winged eye liner and the results are a plenty. But do this or check this out here where I googled it myself and then come back. See if you can see what I see.

All the eyes in these images are perfect and made for the winged eye.


Just like most makeup trends, the winged eye line isn’t for everyone. Painting you pretty as seen here, agrees with me on this and gives plenty of examples on do’s and don’ts.

I’ll be hosting a workshop coming soon on the winged eye line, to keep in touch with workshops coming soon, join my Facebook Workshop Group page here!

Stay Tuned!

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