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Skip the makeup videos on YouTube: Work with a local pro instead!

There is a lot of makeup advice out there.  Endless articles and makeup videos on YouTube make it seem like anyone can master the work of a makeup artist.

Unfortunately, this just isn’t true.

Mastering the skills of makeup application takes specific training and a lot of practice.  And some of what you see on those amazing YouTube tutorials isn’t possible in real life.  When the cameras aren’t rolling.

Here are some reasons to be skeptical of makeup videos on YouTube and why you should learn how to create your best look from a local pro.

makeup videos on YouTube

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The problem with YouTube is…

I get it, YouTube is easy, free, addictive, and the makeup tutorials are convincing.

The problem is, while the techniques featured in the video might look the star look great, they’re unlikely to work for you.

Every person and their face are unique.  The texture, individual contours, and needs of your face are different from the person in the video.  Foundation that looks flawless on camera might really look cakey or fake in real life.

Contouring, a heavy emphasis in a lot of these videos, is discussed using really specific rules.  Often, this might have you highlighting the wrong areas of your own face – because your unique features are likely different from the model’s.

And don’t even get me started on the whole, red lipstick-as-under-eye-concealer idea.

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Why are there makeup videos on YouTube?

The whole point of makeup videos on YouTube is basically to sell makeup products.  This is why influencers featured in these videos are so careful to share the product name, color information, and exactly how they’re using it.

They want you to go out and buy those products.  It isn’t necessarily important that these products make your life easier, or even make you look great.  The industry is just designed to entice you to try out new products.

When you look at makeup videos on YouTube through this lens, you start to get a different picture.

What the pros know

What the pros know that you can’t learn on YouTube is the individuality of makeup application.  By looking at your specific features, your skin tone, complexion, eye color, and understanding your lifestyle, a professional makeup artist creates a look, just for you.

A pro will take in the shape of your face and your prominent features – the shape of your forehead, your cheekbones, lip shape, and your nose.  From there, your artist can use layers of foundation, concealer, bronzer, and highlight to emphasize your best features and create an appealing shape.

Makeup lessons

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They can also help add drama to your eyes. Using the powders, liners, mascara, and blending techniques that make your eyes look their best.  Lots of online advice, especially from makeup videos on YouTube, feature the look of the day, but that might not be your best look.

While working with a pro, feel free to ask a lot of questions.  They should be happy to share both their techniques but also the products they’ve selected for your face and why.


There are a lot of things you can learn on YouTube – it’s an amazing resource.  But, when you need some makeup advice, skip the makeup videos on YouTube. Turn to a local pro to give you personalized and helpful help to create your best look.

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