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The woman behind the brush: Get to know Nancy from Makeup by Nancy

Behind every wedding is a team.  Behind every spectacular wedding is a dynamite team seeing the big day from idea to conclusion.  If you haven’t yet worked with Nancy Gorman, owner of Makeup by Nancy at a wedding, then you should know, she’s one of those dynamite team members.

Nancy is a seasoned and professionally trained makeup expert in the greater Boston area.  Recently, I was interviewed by a colleague and had a chance to sit down and reflect on my life as a makeup artist.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect artist for your wedding, or you’re curious about how she got into the business, I can confirm that Nancy is lovely, sweet, and cool under pressure.

Want to know more?  Read on?

Q: How did you get started as a makeup artist?


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A: I never really planned on getting into makeup professionally.  Back in the early 1990’s when one of my sisters got married, she asked me to do her makeup.  Not only did I have a great time working with her on such a special day, but it felt so right.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t swing cosmetology school at the time, but it was always in the back of my mind.  Fast forward 10 years to a holiday party with salon friends.  They were all a little tipsy and were going out for the night and asked me to do their makeup.  The next morning they blew up my phone, telling me to go for it – makeup should be my career! Makeup by Nancy became real!

Boston-wedding-makeup-artist-dni-pro-bridal-glam-makeup-by-nancy.003Q: Where did you do your professional training?

A: The more I thought about it, the more I liked the sound of becoming a professionally trained makeup artist. I did my training at the David Nicholas International and Makeup Training Studio (DNI).  Then after working through the first program in 2002, I did extensive training with David from 2002 – 2004.  After that, I started my own business and have loved every minute.

Q: It seems like makeup trends are always changing.  How do you stay on top of it all?

A: There is always something new to learn.  I follow the trends as they come out, and I regularly go back to DNI for more training and education.  I’ve done programs in 2007, 2013, and 2017.  Becoming a professionally trained makeup artist was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  There are a lot of people out there just doing what they see on YouTube and then working with real clients.  My favorite hashtag is #ididntlearnonyoutube.  It makes a real difference to work with a professional.

Q: Helping couples at their wedding sounds so stressful.  What do you love aboutMakeup by Nancy working with brides?

A: Brides need a calming presence in the day – things can get chaotic.  I love being the person who can bring a bit of peace, joy, and happiness to a room.  Plus working with a bride at her wedding is so intimate.  I’m one of the last people to see her before she gets into her gown, so I want to help her feel calm and relaxed.

Q: What’s the biggest wedding disaster you’ve witnessed?

A: Biggest disaster?  I certainly hope I never witness this again!  A bride found out her groom was cheating a few hours before the wedding.  It devastated both families tragically.  I’m happy to say she has moved on to a better place.

Q: What makeup advice do you wish all brides followed?

A: I’d tell everyone to freeze their skincare routine about six weeks before the wedding.  Quite a bit of online advice states anything a week before is ok, but I’ve seen way too many problems for that to be true.  People have bad reactions sometimes to things like facials, peels, derma planes, and other treatments.  Be on the safe side and give your skin plenty of time to recover.

Q: Last question, what’s something about you that we would never guess?

A: I love playing board games, card games, and Mexican Train dominoes! Next time you play, invite me over!


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