The Top Five Eye Makeup Styles to Choose from For Your Wedding

The Top Five Eye Makeup Styles to Choose from For Your Wedding

The Top Five Eye Makeup Styles to Choose from For Your Wedding

Selecting the eye makeup for your wedding is one of those decisions. This might seem easy to some, but this often turns out to be extremely difficult to make. 

Once you have chosen your wedding theme, the kind of makeup you will wear, and the gown to adorn your body, it becomes somewhat easier to select a complimentary eye makeup style.

Eye Makeup for Weddings

This is one of the most important days of your life. The eye makeup you choose will depend primarily on the style of makeup you have selected for your big day and the theme of your wedding. With so many styles to choose from we are reporting on the most prominent styles worn today.

The Top Five Eye Makeup Styles for Weddings

  1. Nude

Nude eye makeup goes with any of the styles but is exceptionally well-matched to the natural wedding makeup looks or the classic styles.  It uses colors that are close to your natural skin tone and is designed just to enhance your natural beauty.

  1. Smoky

On the opposite end of the spectrum is the popular smoky eye makeup for weddings, which lends itself best to bold, modern, or edgy makeup styles. Artists often recommend dark colors, but you can also employ other colors to give a lighter effect. It is all about creating a smoky haze around your eyes and making sure they are the first thing noticed. 

  1. Cat Eye

Natural Wedding Makeup

Samantha Melanson Photography

The cat eye eyeliner effect has been popular since the 1960’s and continues to be a favorite today. You may use it for a classic, modern, bold, or edgy eye makeup for weddings, while being universally flattering.

  1. Sun-Kissed

Best for the natural wedding makeup look or the bohemian themed wedding. This style gives you the look of natural coloring from the sun, enhancing your natural features without looking overdone. This eye makeup style uses a lot of bronze, gold and rose-colored shades to produce that natural sun-tanned glow.

  1. Glitter

If there is a day to shine, it is definitely on your wedding day.  Using glitter eye makeup for your wedding provides a range from soft glimmer to a level of bling that hurts your guests’ eyes when the light hits your lids. This particular style of eye makeup can be used with any of the makeup styles listed above as it is highly flexible, and the intensity can be changed to accommodate a number of different looks. In most cases, the eye makeup you select for your big day will be dependent upon your wedding theme and your overall makeup plan. 

Eye makeup for weddings is an integral part of making you the one person that no one can take their eyes off during the celebration. Let your eyes do the talking.

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