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Why are the beauty prices going up? Wedding costs during COVID-19

If you’re budgeting for wedding costs during the COVID-19 pandemic, I feel for you.  Countless couples have had to postpone, reschedule, and cancel their weddings – others choose simply to privately elope, hoping to share their wedding with friends and family on the other side.

Regardless of what you choose, you might notice the prices some of your potential vendors quote is higher than you expected. 

It might be easy to assume that when the demand for wedding services is down, prices might come down.  Unfortunately, the opposite is true in this case.  Costs for vendors and venues have skyrocketed, necessary supplies are critically limited, and state and local restrictions change daily.

What does all this mean for you and your vendors?  Higher prices.

Why are wedding costs higher than before COVID-19?

Weddings cost more these days for several reasons.  One of the key factors is the cost of the PPE and other supplies needed for adequate cleaning and staff protection. Many vendors I’ve spoken to have spent hundreds, if not thousands in the case of Utopia Spa for Jennifer Reppucci, on PPE and other cleaning supplies.

Not only do the costs of PPE like masks, gloves, disinfectant, and other supplies add up for small businesses, but they can also be difficult to find in stores or from suppliers.

Also, for some vendors or venues, the size of the wedding influences the prices they are able to offer.  When weddings are understandably smaller, it takes more time and labor to support the event, which makes offering additional volume discounts challenging.

What effect do cancelled weddings have on wedding service providers?

Obviously, a lot of people have been cancelling or postponing their weddings, hoping to reschedule when the pandemic eases.

This has led to a lot of cancelled events, a lot of returned deposits, and a lack of work for the numerous small businesses that support local weddings.

This uncertainty has led some vendors to set aside their wedding businesses for more stable jobs and regular income.  Fellow makeup artist Veronica Nunes-Green at Makeup by V is one vendor who has had to take another job for income stability. Erica Martell is anxious about not only her income but her own health and well being


Despite requests, offering discounts just isn’t possible in times like these. Alyssa McKenzie has had numerous clients cancel, offering refunds to each. Every refund is understandable, but difficult to swallow.

Some wedding services are taking a break during these chaotic times. It can be more difficult to find specific services you might need for your wedding. This will also drive up the cost.

Planning a pandemic wedding

If you choose to proceed with your wedding planning during COVID, do so carefully.  Anticipate that you’ll be paying slightly more for certain services.  Some venues are unavailable.  Remember, the people behind these small businesses are stressed and scared, just like you. 

Make your decisions carefully, and always strive for understanding and compassion when working with vendors.  It will come back to you in countless ways.

Stay safe out there!

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