2020: A Year of Wedding Selfies

Every year I do a blog of wedding selfies, 2020 was no different. However, at the start of 2020, I had a full calendar, then March arrived. The word “postponed” became a part of our everyday vocabulary and “cancelation” became the word we feared most.

The entertainment industry sank so quickly you’d think we were walking on quicksand. I along with my fellow wedding and event people have taken a hit and huge as a Big Papi home run in the 9th of game 7 with the bases loaded.

Then, wedding selfies came to an abrupt halt with the global pandemic

The cancelations:

The sad thing is, is that no one really understands this except other wedding and event people. Couples canceling their weddings and expecting deposit refunds like we are millionaires. Never taking into consideration “independent contractors” and our livelihoods. Not all of us were able to collect PUA.

As much as I love all my brides, especially those who had to postpone. Then decided after a mini ceremony, not to do the big event next year and cancel us. You need to understand that this was your choice, and not forced to. As much as I wish I could have refunded each and every one of you, I too have bills and insurance to pay. The hours of administrative work done booking you and to keep us in business, refunds just couldn’t happen.

Do you want to see us all go out of business? Goodness, I hope not. Just please don’t take it as a personal attack. That’s not what it is, it’s simply business.

This COVID 19 pandemic hit all of us. Please remember that.

In the meantime there are a handful of lovely ladies that were able to pull off there not so big event and were gracious to include me in it! I’m super happy you were able to pull off your big day.

The 1st wedding was before 2020 went downhill, all the rest… a picture tells 1000 words! I give you my eight (8) 2020 wedding selfies.

To all of you ladies, I commend you for being able to pull these off.

Until next year when hopefully by fall we are back on track, please hang in there, wear those masks and wash your hands. I want to do more wedding selfies than these in future years!

Please be kind to one another

xoxo Nancy

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