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Makeup Tips for Business Women & Girl Bosses

The term ‘girl boss’ is typically associated with professional, independent and powerful women who know what they exactly want from life. Nothing in their way stops them to strive hard for their goals. Here are we with some useful tips for makeup at work to help all you girl bosses achieve ultimate success in the beauty department as well.

Tip #1: Always Pick a Foundation That Matches Your Skin Tonegirl bosses

With a wide range of foundation shades available in the market, it is not that difficult to find one that smoothly blends into your natural skin tone. The foundation shade that you use on your face is literally the ‘foundation’ of your make up at work. So this is one department, where a girl boss you must never go wrong.

Tip #2: Use Bold Lip Colors Occasionally

When we talk about makeup at work, powerful women never fail to surprise with their confident use of bold lip colors. Occasional use of bold lip colors at work will not only add a glam quotient to your appearance but also help enhance your confidence. Bold hues are in themselves associated with authority and power, and this is why as a girl boss you must never underestimate the power of bold lip color.

makeup tipsTip #3: Maintain Clean Brows

Being a girl boss is not easy, as you are constantly juggling between your responsibilities at work and home. This constant struggle between hectic schedules might hardly leave you with any time. Especially to maintain properly groomed eyebrows throughout the year. Girl bosses work hard to make it happen. Not to mention, at the right time and the right place. Adapt this policy for your beauty regimen as well. You will never step into our workplace without those perfectly arched eyebrows. Make sure that you lay your brows down with a brush in the morning. You will be ready to go. You must remember that clean brows does wonders to a woman’s face, as they make you get that perfect professional look while making you look all bright-eyed.

Tip #4: Don’t Overdo the Blush

What might make you appear either subtly glowing, is defined by the way you use blush at work.  A real girl boss is never loud and shocking in her use of blush in the office environment. You must choose warm hues of blush that add a subtle glow to your face along with adding warmth to your natural skin tone.

Tip #5: Enhance Your Eyes with a Mascaragirl boss

Last, but not the least, make sure that you use mascara every day especially before leaving for work. It is an ideal but most underrated way of enhancing one’s eyes. Mascara helps to bring life to your eyelashes, without seeming too loud a statement keeping in view the makeup ethics at work.

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