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Look naturally beautiful on your wedding day – find the right makeup artist!

When you imagine your wedding, you want everything just right.  By the time you get to the big day, you’ve spent hours planning, shopping, and making millions of important decisions.

And, on top of all that, you’ve got to put on one of the most expensive outfits you’ll ever wear and be photographed at least a hundred times.  There’s a lot of pressure to make everything about your wedding just right and to look perfect at the same time.  But how do you do that?

Sue Lynch Photography

Sue Lynch Photography

Investing in your wedding day look

In the quest to save both time and money, some brides opt to do their wedding makeup themselves.  Others ask friends or family to help them with their makeup on wedding day.

Some brides think they will feel their best when they resemble photo-shoot ready models – with intricately layered makeup smoothing away every natural beauty mark.

Some are intimidated with how to manage makeup for photographs.

However, after years of experience and after helping hundreds of brides, I can tell you one thing for sure.  If you don’t look like yourself on your wedding day, your makeup isn’t right.  And striking the balance usually requires some professional help.

With some planning, you can both feel and look fantastic on your wedding day, without the stress and uncertainty – hire a professional makeup artist!

Finding the right fit

Connecting with the makeup artist for your wedding day is just like finding any other service – you want to find someone who “gets” you and who shares your vision for your look.

Ask to see samples of the artist’s work – key in on references and sample photos that most closely resemble your wedding day plans and

naturally beautiful on your wedding day

Ashley Lynn Photography

look carefully.  The makeup a bride wears to a summer afternoon wedding is different from an evening affair in the fall.

Ask yourself, do these people look natural but polished?  Does something stand out as too dramatic?  Does the bride’s makeup flow seamlessly with the color palette of her surroundings and the style of her gown?  Or is there a disconnect between her makeup and something around her?

Then, look at the artist themselves – do they seem to understand what you want?  When they make suggestions, do they seem to fit with what you’re saying?  If so, proceed!  If not, keep looking.

Don’t forget a makeup trial

Once you think you’ve found your person, book a makeup trial.  This is your chance to see your artist in action (if you haven’t already) and is the best way to help you and your makeup artist get on the same page.

Bring photos of your dress (or the dress itself), samples of your wedding color palette, any accessories you’ll wear, and photos of the wedding party clothes.  Photos of your wedding venue can also be helpful.  All of these become data your makeup artist can use to help create a look that is uniquely you.

At your trial, be sure to ask a lot of questions, especially if you have suggestions or strong opinions about your wedding makeup.  Work with your artist to create your perfect look.  But always remember, you should still look like yourself once the makeup is done!



With these tips, not only will you be a stunning and glamorous glowing bride on your wedding day, but you’ll also always be proud of your stunning wedding photos.

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