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Staying on schedule – How to avoid wedding day delays

Timing – it is one of the most important parts of a wedding schedule, and it often goes seriously awry.  With all the emotion, people, ideas, and decisions to be made, a lot of things can trip up the schedule for your wedding day.

However, you shouldn’t be one of those reasons.

What I mean is as the center of the big wedding day, you should do what you can to keep the day moving.  A lot of unforeseen issues you can’t control might delay the planned agenda.  But you can always change what you do.

wedding timelinePlan travel and transition time

One of the key ways a wedding gets off schedule happens at the planning stage.  A lot of brides schedule specific chunks of time for different activities. Such as setting up, rehearsing, eating lunch, doing hair and makeup.  But there are always transitions between these activities.

If you plan one hour for hair, moving right into photos, you won’t have time to get your dress on.  Likewise, if you plan 30 minutes for lunch, but it arrives late, or it takes a bit of time to distribute the orders, you can find yourself late for your next appointment.

Always build in slush time between activities and be generous with your transitions.  These moments tend to be those when friends and family slip in for a hug and congrats – wonderful, but bad for a tight wedding schedule.

Get off your phone

One of my pet peeves as a makeup artist is when clients are on their phone during our session.  There are several reasons this makes things harder and the final makeup-less dazzling.  First, when you look down at your phone or even hold it awkwardly at eye level, it’s difficult to judge the lighting and your features accurately.

Secondly, I find that maneuvering a client and their phone around during our session takes precious minutes.  Especially if it’s a phone call that interrupts us, not just texts or other messages.

Lastly, and this is just a personal thing, it’s a bit isolating to do the intimate work of applying someone’s makeup when they never interact with you as a person.

Instead, take the time to make the small talk – let’s connect with each other as people while we help you get ready for your special day.  You’ll never remember the memes you scrolled past while I did your makeup, but we just might make each other laugh when we’re in the moment together.

Share the details

Another mistake that can slow down your wedding schedule is by keeping all the details to yourself.  This is a huge pitfall for brides who plan their own weddings – they fail to share key details about various events with another person.  Then, when something comes up, someone has a question, something is missing, or a problem occurs, you are the only one who can deal with it.

And chances are at your wedding you’ll be busy with a lot of other things.  Instead, rely on help from the wedding party! Include your family and friends to share responsibility for the wedding day events and decisions.  You’ll be more relaxed, and the day will flow more smoothly.

Take these tips into consideration as you plan your wedding day schedule. Don’t forget to be in the moment, no matter what the moment might bring!

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