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Everyday Makeup Looks

Most of us own fancy makeup, but we make blunders when it comes to applying them. Makeup tips help you create the perfect look for the occasion. Unlike applying makeup for a special occasion, everyday makeups are complicated. It is hard to get the perfect natural look. Everyday makeup looks constitute various techniques and it’s easy to get it wrong. The wearer needs to be aware of what works for her. To get the flawless natural look, you need to know the essential makeup tricks- tone creams help you create the fresh look, wide eyebrows make you look young, and blush can either make you look young or add years to your looks

Starting out, you need to figure out which foundation suits your skin type. Based on your skin, oily, dry or combined, you need to get an appropriate foundation. For the best effect, apply the foundation with a makeup brush. You need to apply the product on four important spots and use the brush to blend it. To cover up your blemishes and dark spots, you can use a concealer or face powder. Everyday makeup looks generally involve daytime looks or office looks, so you need to keep it simple and elegant. Makeup details like shimmers, dark eye shadow and dramatic eye makeup should be avoided. Instead of bold colors, you can try out the sculpted look. Use a bronzer to highlight the facial features and apply neutral shades for an effortless look.

For eye makeup, you need to get a fluffy shadow brush. You can choose a “bone” colored eye shadow or a taupe colored one and then use a thicker brush to create the necessary effect. You can also use mascara to define your eyes, but dab the wand on a tissue first to remove the lumps.

Pink Lip ColorsDaily makeup looks are incomplete without proper lip colors and it’s not always easy to find the right color. Most people would like to avoid dark lip shades when it comes to everyday makeup. Pink can be an exciting option, but make sure you have the right shade of pink. In case you want to try out something different, combine a light pink lipstick with coral lip gloss. Some other cool options include a pinkish-brown lipstick, a peachy-pink lipstick or a nude lip color.


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