3 Reasons to Toss Mascara and old Makeup Every 3 Months

3 Reasons to Toss Mascara Every 3 Months

I’m no psychic, but I can almost guarantee you’re carrying the following items in your makeup bag: a blush compact, concealer, lipstick, mascara… and bacteria!??

Sure, we’ve all heard that it’s ideal to replace liquid makeup every three months, but when you’ve invested in Chanel’s best mascara that’s a hard pill to swallow. Still, the risk of bacteria build-up in our makeup is a scary reality we frequently overlook, and the consequences may cost you more than what you’d spend in the Nordstrom makeup aisle. Let me share with you the three major reasons to stick to the three-month rule.

  1. Adult Acne

We usually default to blaming alcohol or poor eating for our break-outs, especially if we just splurged at our friend’s bachelorette party weekend. Have you ever considered it could be more than pizza grease that’s causing your acne? The bacteria lingering in your liquid foundation, concealer and other creams also play a part in your lack of clear skin! Not to mention the germs that multiply after sharing your lip gloss… Sometimes the best acne treatment is as simple as asking Alexa to reorder new makeup products.

  1. Infections

The potential for infection should be the driving motivator to replacing your mascara and eyeliner routinely.

Consider this: my friend had a serious eye infection, (an ulcer to be exact), which could have resulted in blindness if it hadn’t been diagnosed and treated quickly. The ophthalmologist was reluctant to share that this was most-likely caused by the bacteria from tainted mascara! He also explained that if you wear contacts you may have an even higher risk of experiencing an infection, as it is easy for bacteria to get trapped under the lens. Clean hands and cosmetics are necessities to avoiding a similar situation. Jeopardizing your health is not a gamble you want to take!

  1. Loss of Effectiveness

After several months your makeup is just not performing as intended. Not only is it prone to bacteria, but the exposure to air, oils and other impurities prevent it from looking sheer and silky. You’ll begin to notice that it may not lay flat on your skin and give off a nice crackly texture… [I’LL PASS!] Older liquid foundations show fine lines more prominently and dried-out mascara comes out in clumps. Avoid looking like the crypt keeper with spider eyes! Bottom line, along with keeping yourself healthy, having your makeup looking smooth and fresh is another benefit of replenishing your makeup collection regularly.

TIP: don’t break the bank when buying mascara.  

Considering that I need to swap out my mascara every few months, I usually don’t make that my big makeup splurge. But that doesn’t mean I have to settle. Here are some great options to try…

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A healthy skin care routine includes a hygienic clean-out of old makeup. Choose a cheap mascara (in price, not quality), that you can frequently and affordably replace with a new product. Pure cosmetics will keep your skin clear and free from infection while keeping your look fresh and fabulous! 💁🏻‍♀️

Written by Nicole Miller

Nancy Gorman is a professional makeup artist, specializing in wedding makeup in the Boston and New England area. Contact Nancy for the best makeup tips and to book her for your next event!

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  • Barbara Friend

    Great article.. I don’t get rid of anything after 3 months! I need to do better!

    August 21, 2018 at 2:40 pm

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