Why Women Wear Makeup

Why Women Wear Makeup

In my career as a Massachusetts wedding makeup artist, I’ve not only come across the positive of makeup artistry. I’ve also been exposed to a lot of the negative.

Recently I witnessed a woman being berated by her companion because she was wearing a bright shade of lipstick. Mind you it looked amazing on her. I saw her shoulders slump and all I wanted to do was go over there and hug her but she was gone before I had to chance.

So to get it off my conscience, here are my thoughts at some of the most popular perceptions of wearing or not wearing makeup:  

  • Wearing Makeup Declares a Woman to Lack Confidence

Well I think we all know this isn’t true. We can easily run some errands without having put any makeup on and people would still recognize you without makeup just as you would when they have lashes and lips on!

  • Women Who Wear Makeup are Not Intelligent

I don’t think so! A woman’s intelligence is not determined by how much or how little amount of makeup they wear. This assumption is completely absurd.

So that means they are calling people like the Queen of England, Actress’s like Halle Berry and Meryl Street unintelligent because they wear makeup.

This would allude that smart women don’t spend time on appearances. But smart women know that looks do matter, so you’ll find that a good number of women, even those in high political positions, spending a few quality moments checking out there reflections and touching up where needed.

  • Women Wear Makeup to Impress a Man

Well of course they do, especially on a 1st date. I feel it’s important that we show our date our true selves. Women who wear makeup everyday should go on a date with the same amount of makeup on as they would on a daily basis.

Some men, like my husband, see past the lipstick and eyeshadow and embrace our own individuality.  My own husband isn’t afraid to kiss me when I have bright red or pink lipstick on anymore either since I now wear LipSense Lip Color, it doesn’t kiss off!

  • Men don’t like Makeup

Well, some so say this, but most don’t. I knew a man once who said to me: “l love it when a woman wears makeup, it means she cares about how she looks” So it sounds to me that men DO like makeup.

Confident Women Unite!


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