6 reasons you shouldn’t DIY your makeup on your wedding day

6 reasons you shouldn’t DIY your makeup on your wedding day

Weddings are awfully expensive.  And at some point, brides start looking for smart ways to save money without compromising their dream wedding.  And some of these brides decide they can save a bit by doing their own makeup.

Unfortunately, this DIY fix can backfire, leaving you with less than stellar photos from a once-in-a-lifetime day.  Makeup and photography can be complicated, and there are a lot of reasons to find a trusted professional to do your makeup for the big day.

Here are my 6 reasons why you shouldn’t DIY your makeup on your wedding day!

It won’t save you money.

A lot of times, doing something yourself can save you a lot of cash.  But when it comes to makeup for a special day, I generally find women don’t save anything by doing it themselves.  Most people end up buying something to coordinate with their wedding dress or outfit – money that adds up and often comes out as a wash compared to the price of a professional makeup application.

Photographic makeup is different from everyday wear.

J&S Photographers

J&S Photographers

When you get ready in the morning, you’re mostly worried about using makeup to adjust the way the eye will see you.  But the camera doesn’t pick up on light and shade the same way your eyes to.  Which can make some unpleasant effects on the camera.  One of the biggest is flashback, where the SPF in your makeup reflects back to the camera, making you look a bit alien-like.

You’ll want some different colors.

Just like flashback, certain colors don’t always photograph as you’d expect.  Certain hues or intensities of color can look different in photos from what you see in the mirror.  To avoid looking washed out or too bright, get some help!

Makeup artists know about shine.

Whether this shine comes from your complexion, your products, the sparkles in eye shadow, or the iridescence of lip gloss, makeup artists are experienced with using shine strategically.  Just like sunscreen, products with shine can flashback to the camera.  While a bit of sparkle for everyday wear is perfect, it can backfire in photos.

Samantha Melanson Photography

Samantha Melanson Photography

Eye makeup is tricky.

Have you ever done a perfect smoky eye only to find you look like a raccoon in the photos?  This happens because the eye sees a smoldering eye color differently than the camera picks up.  Your makeup artist will know exactly what you need to highlight your eyes and add a bit of drama, without harsh, intense eye makeup.

Wedding makeup should be waterproof.

While a lot of women have waterproof mascara in their makeup bags, many don’t.  Fewer still have a waterproof foundation, shadow, blush, or bronzer.  There will be tears and sweat and who knows what else on your wedding day – you’ll want to be protected!

When you work with a makeup artist before your wedding, you’re getting the experience, products, and expertise of a trained professional.  Not only will they give you a customized look that enhances your natural beauty and blends seamlessly with your wedding, but they know how to make you look amazing in your photos.

Weddings are expensive but looking and feeling your best on that day and each time you look through your album is absolutely priceless.  Don’t hesitate to work with a makeup artist for your big day!


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